Israel.  Hackers have hacked a LGBT community website.  They threaten to reveal your data

Hacker group Black Shadow said in a statement that it will not reveal more information if the ransom is paid within 48 hours. According to the group, the Tarraf database, whose app and website are popular with the Israeli gay community, contains information on about one million people.

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– Since I heard about this intrusion, I can’t stop thinking about it. I have intimate photos and sexual correspondence there and it will destroy me if I reach my family, user A said of Walla’s personal portal. He added that it was just scary.

Hackers found that the information leaked so far on the web represents only 1% of the data obtained during the intrusion.

According to Israeli media, the Black Shadow is a group of hackers linked to the Iranian government who use cyber attacks for criminal purposes. In 2020, the group hacked into the systems of the Israeli insurance company Sherbet, demanded a ransom of $1 million, and began revealing information when the company refused to pay.

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