Canadian Screen Awards |  Denis Villeneuve and Patrick Huard were honored

The names of Denis Villeneuve and Patrick Huard join the already announced Special Canadian Screen Awards winners. The director and the actor are honored for their entire career.

Denis Villeneuve will receive the Academy Icon Award, which recognizes his “exceptional and continuous” contribution to the audiovisual industry, national or foreign. A film producer Hill, Blade Runner, arrival And Fire “Recognized for its subtlety and the uniqueness of its images,” the organization underlined in a press release.

Earle-Grey Award recipient Patrick Huard is honored as an actor in television and film. However, acting is only one aspect of the former comedian's talent, he is also a writer, host, director and producer.

Photo by Charles William Pelletier, Archives Special Collaboration

Patrick Hart in 2022.

The third prize will go to Michael MacMillan, CEO of production company Blue Ant Media. He will receive the Industry Leadership Award. “All three have made a significant impact on our screens in Canada and abroad,” said Tammy Frick, CEO of the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television.

Winners will receive awards during Screen Week Canada in Toronto between May 26 and 1.There is June.

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