Queen Elizabeth II.  Andrzej Duda at Buckingham Palace.  Charles III invited to Poland

– I’ve spoken with King Charles and the Queen and his wife. It also conveyed our invitation to visit Poland – said the chief Andre Duda In an interview with the media after visiting Buckingham Palace.

– I said that We would be very proud if we could host the royal couple in our country. Of course that will be considered – he announced during the briefing held on Sunday in London.

The president added that he conveyed during this conversation “Sympathy on behalf of the entire Polish nationAnd our country is in the hands of His Majesty and the entire royal family.”

As emphasized, The character of Elizabeth II was the most important topic in her memories and conversations. Remembering the deceased queen, he stressed that she was “first and foremost a very warm person, emanating from outward peace, with extraordinary personal culture, and extraordinary tact.”

– Only once I had the honor and pleasure of it I was able to speak to Her Majesty personally. It was in 2019, at the NATO summit here in London. It was a very wonderful experience for us. We also remembered that day, because in the same halls where we met Her Majesty, there was a meeting today, which is part of her farewell, but such a warm, good and respectful memory of her – remembers Andrei Duda.

The politician also talked about the previous thing Conversations with British Prime Minister Liz Truss.

– It was a very good conversation on the issue of security, the construction of a security zone, the security of Poland, our joint support, together with Great Britain, to fight Ukraine, our cooperation with the United States, our cooperation in support of also the Baltic states – the President emphasized.

– With all my I would like to emphasize, above all, the very good atmosphere of this meetingHe stressed that if we could say so in this sad age in which Great Britain lives today.

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