Halo: Infinite - This is the quality I've been waiting for - with remarkable progress by 343 Industries

My first contact with Master Chief occurred in the second part of the series, but it happened nearly a decade after the actual premiere. The difference between Bungie’s style and 343 Industries lies primarily in the intimacy between the original heirs. After all, the classic trilogy offers vast horizons, with the Halo episode in the background. The first scene in the series is the unforgettable Combat Evolved, in which the ship of Alliance flies over the player. Last year’s Infinite show featured a similar theme. A tribute to the classics that the audience did not appreciate due to their mediocre visual impact.

Sure, we’ve been reading the creators’ subtitles for the imperfect use of lighting technology somewhere in the background, but today’s cynical gaming community is more than cruel. Halo is an uncomplicated story at first glance, but it has expanded thanks to other branches of media (books, comics, series). John 117 is the archetypal personification of humanity’s last hope in a dashing suit. An image that has proven itself over generations. Even today, no one has dared to make any drastic changes to the legendary hero’s appearance. 343 Industries gives him a more human tone and stronger armor across Halo 4. It’s time for a major change in the course that takes you back to the roots of the franchise’s father, Bungie.

classic skyline

The inspiration for Halo: Combat Evolved, released nearly 20 years ago, is featured in every part of the show, even the most famous. This article would be hard to defend, even if you’re a die-hard supporter of the original. The link didn’t even show what we saw in Halo 5: Guardians (2015), after the corresponding updates to the Xbox One X. Memes with Craig took over the internet, Phil Spencer tried to turn everything into a joke, quite unfortunately. Perhaps the team has taken too much of the critical opinions of the traditionalists? The new written trilogy of The Fourth Voyage (in my opinion the most interesting) of President left the classics in favor of expanding the relationship with Cortana in the face of the emergence of the Precursor Race. The changes also affected the fire exchange system, the enemy was added, and the dashe appeared in the next game. It is a pity that no one has linked the story of Halo 5 as a repetition of Part Two. Play from more than one point of view. For fans of Master Chief, it may not have been the preferred choice.

Although the excellent Reach or ODST also dealt with other smaller champions. It was enough to belong to Bungie, who eventually followed her fate by creating Destiny. The time of infinity, or rather illusion, has come. Halo: Infinite has a big problem with everyone using the Xbox ecosystem. Because that’s how the Microsoft department works today. The same path is followed by the company’s internal studies games. Unfortunately, last year’s show resulted in an apparent delay in the premiere. We can only see kevala on cans of Monster Energy Drink. There was nothing the marketing and promotion department could do about it. It was pointless cultivating the classic Combat Evolved setting. Infinite was hit hard. The Orthodox fell silent quickly, while 343 industrial companies closed in on themselves four catalysts to restore their former splendor, this time in the visual field. But didn’t the actual design of the classic Halo consist of a soft color palette? Tranquil interplanetary landscapes linked together by a powerful halo ring in orbit? 343 Retain that agreement. The demo that was criticized contained this magic.

The intergenerational nature of the project and an excessive adherence to the classics were hampered. In short, the team fixed some visual design. After all, I have to honor the studio representatives. Halo: Infinite didn’t just feed us with beautiful animations. The creators decided to make a dubious show. After all, everyone in 343 Industries had to count cash on technical condition at five to twelve. It’s been over a year now. For a skilled developer, this is enough time to win public recognition again. A few days ago, Halo: Infinite was back in the game. And I depended on it more or less. We have to deal with cross-gene trade-offs, but this is a force majeure decision. However, promising results have been achieved. A new generation of Spartans will enter a real open world. Or maybe just an illusion?

toilet hello?

Hello Infinite - Master Chef

A solid update from the developer, revealed a few days ago, along with a handful of new gameplay, left me feeling immensely positive. Not only does the product clearly wink toward classic society, but it also pays attention to the contemporary framework of the ecological narrative. Of course, we are talking about the game’s first and wildly open world. Meaningful planet Zeta Halo is conceptually faithful to the nature of the Combat Evolved universe. Green spaces surrounded by enemy outposts, in this case, the castaway race. Perhaps this is the end of the precursors, who created the atmosphere of Halo 4 with its dark design. Even Craig has received a facelift and it would be difficult to find another meme with his image. Spartan-117 armor gracefully decorates the rest. The scenario throws us a pattern from the original to save humanity leaning against a wall. This is how Chief gets to work, and we already know that from the legendary first installment. This world also allowed for intense exploration, although deprived of iconoclasm everywhere.

It is clear that Zeta Halo follows modern standards. The mechanics, clashes, response, and visuals all look great, but the open-world concept leaves more questions than answers. Does the creators’ decision only mean dozens of repetitive activities for the player? The campaign preview raises some concerns about the optional gameplay. Is there more to clean up more jobs and save Security Council members? The vast majority of us prefer to avoid the element of loneliness, which accesses almost all addresses found in the open space. This is a sign of the times. Halo: Infinite was meant to escape to the start, building on the foundation that Bungie laid two decades ago. Fortunately, that’s what soundtracks do. I recently decided to access parts of a new game.

Composer Gareth Cocker did his homework perfectly. Did you fall in love with the wonderful tunes that resonate in both Ori by Moon Studios? The artist tried his hand at the new Halo. “I didn’t feel pressured because the source material is incredibly strong. It’s a bit like strengthening the strongest foundation.” – In response to the question about the challenge behind composing music for this historical universe. Open world, classic vision, support for several years after the premiere. Halo: Infinite will debut next month. The end result will fulfill all our fears. After the last article, I can see that there is nothing to be afraid of. A nostalgic battle is underway for the remnants of humanity. The optional redundancy may not be exceeded. Like helmets ready?

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