Another promising RPG is scheduled for release in early 2024;  Unexpected: The Witchstone has emerged from the shadows
2 December 2023, at 09:28

Unforetold: Witchstone is another RPG that will debut in early 2024. The production from Spearhead Games will be released in Early Access at the end of January.

Image source: Spearhead Games.


The first half of 2024 is looking better and better for fans of isometric RPGs. Unexpected: Wichstone (formerly Wichstone Project), a title created by Spearhead Games studio.

Release date of the game that It will be released in Early Access on January 25, 2024. It was revealed during The PC Gaming Show: Most Wanted, where a short production “teaser” was shown (below).

Meanwhile, the creators shared information about some of the systems that will be included in the game (below).

  • The developers confirm that in Unexpected: Wichstone Players will enjoy great freedom in choosing actions – which will be reminiscent of paper role-playing sessions.
  • That must be an important aspect The agency of the characters we control and the world’s reaction to their actions.
  • Dialogues in the game will be enriched by the author’s influence system, where we first make a choice and then choose the approach “How do we want to deal with a particular issue”; Naturally, success or failure in persuasion will be determined by several modifiers and dice rolls.
  • The game will offer a turn-based combat system. In this way, the Spearhead Games team wanted to emphasize the tactical aspect of production, a cohesive dialogue system where players have time and wiggle room to act.

Unexpected: Wichstone Only comes to PC. The title can now be added to your Wish List on Steam.

  1. Unpredictable: Witchstone on Steam
  2. Unexpected: Witchstone – the game’s official website

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