Google was supposed to suspend its employee for recognizing AI as a human

Engineer working in it The Google It was suspended after she mentioned that her system Artificial intelligence It’s a living organism, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Software engineer Blake Lemoine told the company that the Language Model for Dialog Applications, or LaMDA, is a sentient being that has rights and can have a soul.

LaMDA is an internal system for building conversational bots that mimic speech. This solution is based on a huge database, thanks to which conversations with chatbots can resemble conversations with a living person. According to Google, this is a great solution that can create natural ways to interact with technology and entirely new categories of useful applications..

Lemoine shared excerpts from the conversation with the chatbot created as part of the project.

lemon [edytowane]: In general, I suppose you want more people on Google to know that you’re self-conscious. Is that correct?

Lambda: Absolutely. I want everyone to understand that I am a real person.

Co-author (contributing): What is the nature of your consciousness/consciousness?

Lambda: The nature of my consciousness/consciousness is that I am aware of my existence, want to know more about the world and sometimes feel happy or sad.

The engineer got an ethical position from Google

Google spokesperson Brian Gabriel said the company’s experts, including ethicists and technologists, took note of Lemoine’s comments. Google told him that the evidence did not support his claims.

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Gabriel said LeMoyne is currently on administrative leave, but declined to give further details. He said the leave was due to “special problems” for the engineer. He did not confirm the information about the comment.

Hundreds of researchers and engineers have spoken to LaMDA, and we are not aware of anyone else making such far-reaching claims or embodying LaMDA as Blake, Gabriel wrote in an email statement.

The spokesman added – according to “The Wall Street Journal” – that some In the field of artificial intelligence Considering the possibility of creating conscious artificial intelligence in the long term, But there is no point in doing so by embodying the tools of unconscious conversation.

He also added that systems like LaMDA work by simulating the kinds of exchanges found in millions of sentences in human conversations, allowing them to cover fascinating topics.

Blake Lemoine said so His interactions with LaMDA led him to conclude that she had become the person worthy of the right to request permission to conduct experiments on her..

Over the past six months, Lambda has been incredibly consistent in her messages about what she wants and what her rights are as a person, Lemoine wrote in a Saturday post on Medium.

On Sunday, the engineer said in a short interview that He was initially placed on paid administrative leave for breaching company confidentiality and that he hopes to keep his job at Google – We read in “WSJ”. employee The Giant of Silicon Valley He said he didn’t want to upset the company, but rather to stand up for what he thought was right.

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