Gornik Shkzna - Lech Poznan.  Sexy drawing in Łęczna.  PKO Ekstraklasa

The meeting at czna began with a decisive attack from Kolejorz. Lech players locked PKO newcomer Ekstraklasa players in their own half and created an opportunity to score a goal over and over again.

In the 18th minute of the match, Pedro Repocho ran down the left flank and crossed the home side’s penalty area. Mikael Isaac slightly kicked the ball out of his head, and Joa Amaral threw the ball into the empty net of the newcomer from Lekzna. For the Portuguese midfielder, it was the sixth strike of the season from PKO Ekstraklasa. Furthermore, Amaral also made five passes in the league to his credit.

Lech is doing well this season. Kolejorz players have won eight of their previous 13 league matches and before round 14 of the competition they were top of PKO Ekstraklasa. On the other hand, Górnik Łęczna occupies the last position in the league standings and has won only one match win so far.

In the first 30 minutes of the match, Łęczna’s players were completely helpless, and Kolejorz was building more action in attack. The hosts woke up only a quarter of an hour before the end of the first half, but by the end of the first half they could not take a single shot.

After the break, Kolejorz still dominated, but the Łęczna players had no intention of giving up. Poznan players fired more than 20 shots in this match, but they were very ineffective.

In the 79th minute of the match, Kolejorz discovered that unused positions can sometimes retaliate. Serhii Krykun appeared on the left flank, with a large cross on the head of Janusz Gol. The midfielder from Łęczna showed a really great header and equalized.

Lech scored their second straight draw in PKO Ekstraklasa and returned to the top of the league table. However, Lechia Gdańsk has exactly the same number of points as Kolejorz.

Gurnick Leczna – Lech Pozna 1:1 (0:1)

Objectives: Janos’ goal (79) – Joao Amaral (18)

yellow cards: Rebocho

Gurnick Lyksna: Maciej Gostomski – Kryspin Szcześniak, Kamil Pajnowski, Tomasz Midzierski, Leandro, Janusz Gol, Szymon Drewniak, Michał Mak, Serhii Krykun, Alex Serrano (72nd Damian Gąska), Przemysław Banaszak

Les Poznan: Bednarik Joel Pereira (62. Lubomir Satca), Bartosz Salamon, Antonio Milic, Pedro Rebucho, Adriel Pa Loa, Jesper Karlstrom, Pedro Tiba (62. Nika Kvikviskire), Joao Amaral (62. Nika Kvikviskire), Jacob Kaminsky, Mikael Ishak

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