Bwana Kubwa: The stupidity surrounding us is not normal!  Let’s reread reality

This is the voice of another reviewer, noting that the docu-comedy “For Us – Only for the Abnormals” connects generations – it causes explosions of laughter among today’s teenagers who are not interested in politics, and for the Solidarity Generation it sparks associations with their children. Special youth. Blogger Bwana Kubwa believes the film also helps answer the question of how the Poles could hand over power to the Russo-German regime in 2023.

I’ve wondered for a long time where to start. And I thought I’d start from the beginning. Since the years of martial law and the 1990s, because in order to understand the paranoia of the Third Polish Republic in 2023, we have to remember how the Third Polish Republic was created. Since someone has already done this before me, I will use ready-made materials. I present the documentary “Ourselves” as a must-see film that allows you to reread our reality“- writes Bwana Kubwa.

Krzysztof Volodko sees things in a similar way, writing that a film in which teenagers are bursting with laughter the entire time has the potential to reveal truths that cannot be spoken, even though they lie in each of us: “To say it half-jokingly, half-seriously: the Republic was… The Third Polish needs Zdzisław Krasnodebski and his “Democracy of the Peripheries,” Jacek Tetenbrun and his “From Rain to Trough,” “Meandering Polish Privatization,” and Ryszard Legutko and his “Essay on the Polish Spirit,” in addition to the police charges against Lesiewicz after he disguised himself as Vladimir Ilyich Lenin… The sarcastic reference to communist idols carried uncomfortable truths that people wanted to know. He sank in the rivers of oblivion.

You can watch the movie here on TVP VOD


#OurNature – Only for the Unnatural

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