They haven’t played this yet.  The WTA laughs in the face of Iga Svetek and other tennis players

Unfortunately, the WTA once again did not help the tennis players and did not organize the calendar in a way that did not expose season-weary players to additional tiring flights. on the contrary. The best tennis players first participated in the US Open in New York, then in Guadalajara, Mexico. The Asian part of the season has now begun, first in Tokyo and then in Beijing. The top eight players in the WTA Race Rankings will then have to return to Mexico to play the WTA Finals in Cancun. Some of them will travel to Seville literally the day after their final match to fight in the Billie Jean King Trophy Finals.

What is the problem? The WTA authorities once again failed to announce the organizer of the finals on time. They did this a few weeks before the event, and it’s no secret that the best tennis players plan their logistics several weeks in advance.

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