June 9, 2023


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Horror films are experiencing a second youth. That’s thanks to Generation Z, who love being scared

Also in 2022, the sequel to the popular 1974 game Texas Chainsaw Massacre arrives. The next generation of young heroes (though mostly heroines) face off against a brutal serial killer.

It also turns out that younger viewers — just like millennials back in the day — still need another Scream movie in their lives. The sixth part of the series started in 1996 and has been a huge success in recent months. “Scream VI” has become one of the most watched parts of this horror movie.

The horror film’s success is certainly due to one of the younger generation’s most iconic actresses and contemporary style icon, Jenny Ortega. The actress is best known for her lead role in the series ‘Wednesday’ which is about the estranged daughter of the Addams family. The dark design still seems to suit her.

Another favorite Generation Z star is Mia Goth – an actress with a name that is definitely binding. They can be seen in the film “Pearl” from the famous studio A24, which produced such films as “Midsommar”, “Whale” or “Everywhere at Now”. In “Pearl”, Goth plays an ambitious and at the same time violence-prone (against) heroine.

Horror films worthy of the third decade of the 21st century are no longer shallow cutscenes

The return of nostalgia for works like “Scream” or “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” is only part of a broader phenomenon, the renaissance of horror aimed at the younger generation. These two movies are typical slasher movies in which some bad guys prey on innocent heroes.

However, instead of creating another predictable horror, indie producers focus mainly on original scripts that do not repeat cliches, telling stories of people who can hardly be called heroes. A good example of such production is “Pearl”.

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