Romantic date by Sandra Kubica and Baron: oysters and cheese with flowers and an exhibition of Van Gogh's works (photos)

the love Sandra Kubica and Baron Blooms at its best. Since the lovers decided to reveal their feelings, they are more than willing to flaunt it to the world, especially Sandra. Celebrities regularly melt over the new relationship in subsequent interviews and Instagram posts, without sparing her beloved compliments. The 26-year-old recently stated that Baron was the best thing that happened to her in the past year. no wonder that Some have already predicted a bright future for the couple.

Sandra Kubica A baron carefully nurtures affection by arranging romantic dates. Lovers have already visited Montenegro and Switzerland together, but they also do not complain about the lack of attractions in Poland. On Thursday, the couple decided Spend an evening in the city, Unless Sandra forgot to brag about it on Instagram. Celebrity visited and her lover A restaurant in Warsaw It serves great French drinks and snacks. The couple decided to capture their joint moments in a photo.

Le rendez-vous in one of our favorite places for oysters, wine and cheese – Kubicka wrote under the photo where we can see how the Baron puts a tender kiss on her forehead.

Kubica and Baron enjoyed oysters and white wine at the restaurant. Taste the seafood in a special way for celebrities. I signed a picture of a famous aphrodisiac with eloquent words “Yes sir”.

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This is where you can come for super oysters, raclette and great wine (…) but you can also buy stuff and take home. So you can come to shop for a selection of French cheeses, cold cuts, wine and champagne. We love oysters and a glass of wine Sandra praised the place.

The wide range of French specialties seems to have encouraged Kubicka to buy. In the next part of the Instagram report, the celebrity introduced the fans “Abelian cheese” decorated with flowers For only 13 zlotys for 100 grams, unfortunately, Sandra did not reveal whether she and her lover were tempted by a portion of an appetizing delicacy.

But it turns out Sandra and Barron’s romantic evening didn’t end with oysters. After leaving the restaurant, the couple also went to a business multimedia exhibition Vincent van Gogh.

A perfect evening. Multisensory Gallery of Van Gogh – Impress celebs on Instagram.


See what Sandra Kubica and Barron’s romantic date looked like.

What DMs do we get from celebrities?

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