Got the Visa logo on your card?  You can already use this service in Bedronca

In August, Biedronka expanded cashback to cards with the Visa logo. Customers who pay with Mastercard cards have been able to use this solution for several months now. Remember that cashback allows you to withdraw small amounts of cash from the cash register. There are two main conditions that qualify you to withdraw money: you have to make small purchases (eg for PLN 1) and not withdraw more than PLN 300. Thus, the maximum withdrawal amount is less than the standard cashback amount available at other stores, service points and trade points. Visa and Mastercard allow you to download up to 1000 PLN.

In the regulations, the Biedronka chain of stores provides additional details about the service:

  • Possibility of cash withdrawal only for transactions over PLN 1,
  • There should be an appropriate amount of cash in the store cash register,
  • When paying for purchases with a Visa® card, you must inform the cashier to withdraw funds – regardless of the amount of purchases,
  • Provide the cashier with the withdrawal amount and insert the card into the machine or lock it, for security, the withdrawal is always secured with a card PIN code,
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is 50 PLN
  • Possible withdrawal of multiples of PLN 50, but not more than PLN 300 (i.e. PLN 50, PLN 100, PLN 150, PLN 200, PLN 250 and PLN 300)
  • The withdrawal amount will be added to the purchase value.
  • The service can be used several times a day,
  • The service is not available when you exit self-service,
  • The store does not charge a fee for the service, and any fees are collected by the bank that issued the card and are indicated in the table of fees and commissions for a specific payment card.

Importantly, the new service is available in about 2,000 chain stores, so not all of them. Biedronka has about 3,400 of them. A list of outlets offering cashback can be found on the Biedronka website in the section systems.

Cashback – also known as “card payment and withdrawal” – is a service that is becoming more and more popular. This may be due to the fact that ATMs are getting smaller all the time. According to NBP data, at the end of 2022, almost 300,000 were offered cash withdrawals during purchases to their customers. Commercial establishments – shops, supermarkets, post offices, gas stations, hotels, newsagents, retail outlets and other services. In the fourth quarter of 2022, 5.5 million store withdrawals were made, amounting to 894.9 million PLN – more than 7 percent. more than the previous quarter.

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