Niemiecka prasa krytykuje Habecka (fot. PAP/EPA/Bo Amstrup)

German Economy Minister Robert Habeck does not intend to award bonuses to energy-saving families. In an interview with ZDF, he gave “arrogant advice that sounds like a mockery of people who live on the subsistence level” – assesses the website of the daily Die Welt on Saturday.

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As the portal states, recent increases and high inflation mean that every sixth person in Germany has reduced their grocery shopping. Die Welt asserts that “the exponentially high cost of living is by no means a matter of luxury”.

Therefore, Minister Habek was asked, during the television interview Thursday, about the possibility of offering concessions or bonuses to citizens and families who consume less gas than they did in the previous year. The site notes that “it will be an incentive for citizens living in precarious social conditions to act in the manner prescribed by the state.”

Habek rejected the idea. “If someone says: I will help, but only when I get 50 euros again, I will say: ‘You get nothing, man! – said the minister, who said that “not everything should be rewarded”, and, moreover, “high prices are a sufficient incentive to save.”

The website of the daily Die Welt asserts that “this is an arrogant statement by the minister of the Green Party, most of his colleagues and voters in the party belong to the wealthy middle class, for whom the increase in costs is irrelevant”. “Habek’s expectations of the population (…) are ironic,” he assessed.

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