'Solidarnoæ' appeals to Mateusz Morawiecki: Take back free Sundays

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Niedzielski turns an epidemic into an epidemic threat

The Minister of Health, Adam Nidzelsky, announced last week that the state on May 16 Epidemic It will turn into a state of epidemic threat, which is due to apply at least until September this year. So “symbiosis“He wants to amend the Covid law of March 31, 2020. It concerns deletion of Article 15.

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Sunday trading banned. Solidarno wants changes to the Covid law

Trade unionists confirm in a letter to the Prime Minister Matthews MoravekiThis article allows the assignment of Sundays Employees or employees who perform activities related to trade It consists of unloading, accepting and displaying basic merchandise.

The purpose of the above ruling was to enable a continuous supply to the community with food and other basic necessities during the period of various types of restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic and mass purchasing of goods. At the moment, there are practically no serious restrictions on trade, and the declared transformation of the epidemic into an epidemic threat indicates that a further improvement in the epidemic situation in the country is expected. It should therefore be noted that there are no essential preconditions for further performance of the art. 15th

We read in writing.

Marlena Mallig - Minister of Family, Labor and Social PolicyThe government is closing stores again on non-commercial Sundays. Announces checks and fines

Solidarno adds that a large part of retail chains still use this clause – Sundays They are used in commercial establishments to perform, inter alia, partial inventory, cleaning Shops Whether shipments of merchandise will be accepted, and retail chains are not supposed to lead to increased employment in individual stores, which translates to a decrease in the number of people working on other days of the week and a further increase in the workload of employees.

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“The Sunday Trade Restriction Act, in force since 2018, has restored the right to Sunday rest with their families after many years. During the pandemic, many of them have been denied that right again, and there is absolutely no justification for this requirement to continue. Therefore, we We count on the speedy implementation of the amendment that we propose,” we read in a letter signed by the Secretary of the National Secretariat of Banking, Trade and Insurance NSZZ“ Solidarno ”, Marcin Strofsky and Chairman of the Board Alfred Bujara.


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