Krakow put a pin on Legia.  Funny video as a comment on the football game

In the first half, Krakow faced a dangerous situation, but he took advantage of it. And in the 20th minute, after a corner kick, the ball fell at the feet of Billy van Amersfoort, who did not give Artur Boruc any chances from close range. the Warriors They demanded a penalty kick in the 39th minute, but the referee did not notice how Billy van Amersfoort hit him with his elbow in the penalty area of ​​Matthews Huchonny. Instead of a penalty kick after this situation, there was a free kick for the hosts.

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The jumpers of the Poles failed again. ‘Slight tremor required’

Ligia had to escape from the drop zone. I’ve already lost my eleventh game of the season

after the break corps She couldn’t take the initiative. Coach Marek Gołębiewski tried to save calendarBy introducing players from the reserve of the third league – Rui Gomez, Thomas Nautka, Bartomij Sibyla or the hero of the match in Lublin, Simon Vodarczyk. But his plan failed. The result of the match has not changed anymore.

beat Krakow Legie Warsaw 1-0 and moved up to tenth place in the table Premier League. corpsAfter losing 11th place this season, they remain in 16th place. Warsaw FC has only 12 points after 15 matches. Warta Poznan, last in the table, is only one point behind.

Lech Poznan won with Zagobi Lubin.  Source: Poznan victorious again! Five Great Goals and Emotions

“Admin is Poland’s champion” – Twitter reaction to Krakow’s taunt

Immediately after the match, an attack on Legia appeared on the official Krakow Twitter account. There is a video of two penguins. One hits the other and the last one falls into the water.

“As a Legia fan, I say it’s good, a pin with a row and an egg” – commented one Legia fan. “As a Legia fan, I would say there was a 1 logo in the hole that the Legia Penguin fell into leggy It will be a world championship” – adds another fan. The supervisor is the champion of Poland “,” The supervisor is in good shape “- other fans wrote.

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