Klein has canceled party debt and is silent.  Fans give information about her health.  'We know what's going on'

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november 5 vote Celine Dion His voice was supposed to be in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, the singer had to cancel the concert and all subsequent concerts scheduled for February 2022. It is related to the singer’s health problems.

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Fans are asking for information about Celine Dion’s health

approx Two weeks ago, Celine Dion reported her health issues on her social media. She wrote that she was devastated because her team had been preparing for the tour for eight months.

Fans of the star follow the artist’s accounts on the Internet and are waiting for more news about her health. Diva employees add new entries, mentioning, for example, the anniversary of the next album release or the introduction of new releases of music videos.

30 years ago, Céline Dion released the album “Dion chante Plamondon” (known in Europe as “Des mots qui Sonnent”).

fans Celine Dion However, they do not care much about these topics. They ask for specific information about the artist’s health.

Hi, TC (Team Celine – editor’s note), may we know how Céline is? We are really concerned, please give us some information, thank you.

Can you give us information about Celine’s health? All the fans are worried about her…we wish her all the best. Please don’t act this way. We know that something is happening – fans write in the comments.

A few days ago, in an interview with the French magazine “Voici” my sister Celine DionClaudette mentioned that the cause of the star’s problems may be age-related hormonal changes.

She is 53 years old. The hormonal changes that come with it don’t help. Celine is very disciplined and careful. But the body also has its quirks. What is happening to her is sad. But nothing serious, otherwise she would have told me. Celine always trusts me and asks for advice when something goes wrong. I know he’s in a good mood.

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Will this news reassure fans?

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