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Warhol did not want to talk much about himself during his lifetime. Only after being shot in 1968 did he decide to document his life. A shot of her chest by feminist and radical artist Valerie Solanas was an expression of opposition to Warhol’s excessive domination of her life. The man suffered serious physical injuries that permanently affected his psyche. In fact, he faced rejection from an early age. Having been mocked for his different appearance, Albino had to face not only the reluctance of his peers and diseases (including dancing and anorexia), but also only at the age of fourteen with the death of Andrei’s father. small Andy Warhol He constantly developed a passion for drawing, which he continued during his studies, after which he began working as an illustrator for the famous “Glamour” magazine. One of his first successes was a series of illustrations from 1956.

Photo: Andy Warhol Foundation / Courtesy of Netflix / Netflix

Andy Warhol

The work portrayed the shoe as celebrities such as Julie Andrews (“Golden Boot”). The drawings were admired and circulated in the media, but no one treated them as art at that time. It was different in the 21st century – in 2016, Warhol’s purse of 16 sketches of shoes was auctioned in London for 293,000 zlotys. Pounds or pounds for weight. Most works created in the original method of screen printing in the 1960s referred to icons of American mass culture. His paintings featured cans of Campbell’s bean soup, Coca-Cola bottles, or the faces of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Troy Donahue and Elizabeth Taylor.

Admittedly, Warhol was a man of many talents. In his career, he was not limited to drawing, he was also interested in photography, modeling and directing (made 60 films, popularizing the concept of avant-garde cinema). Also making music. Collaborated as a musician and author of covers, incl. With Mick Jagger. He was dating Bob Dylan, John Lennon, and members of the Duran Duran group.

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It was said of him: that he is more a symbol than a person, a great player, he has created and perpetuated his own legend, he has been reborn like a phoenix from the ashes. Creating art for some and contemporary culture for others. However, he did not reveal the details of his private life, he was an eternal performer. It wasn’t until 1989, two years after his death, that “The Andy Warhol Diaries” lifted this veil of silence. They are now the frame of the documentary series Andy Warhol’s Memoirs.

The book was edited by Pat Hackett, Warhol’s longtime friend and collaborator. Warhol called Hackett this morning and wrote about the day before. His story began on November 24, 1976, and ended eleven years later, on February 17, 1987, just five days before his death. The diary is an insight into who he really liked, and what he really believed, into his thoughts and feelings.

Photo: Andy Warhol Foundation / Courtesy of Netflix / Netflix

Andy Warhol

In turn, the six-episode Netflix series produced by Ryan Murphy (the well-known American screenwriter and director of “Glee” and “American Crime Story” and director Andrew Rossi) describes Warhol’s life in depth. It is an engaging documentation of the artist’s work and a study of a lonely man. About Warhol as an eternal outsider born under Andrew Warhol to an immigrant family in the working-class Catholic neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Warhol dreamed of the American dream: thanks to hard work and talent, he gained fame, fortune and tremendous success. Every biographical detail is meticulously discussed here, as The Andy Warhol Diary draws on all the facts about his life, curiosity, and details that can put Warhol’s artwork in context.

Photo: Andy Warhol Foundation / Courtesy of Netflix / Netflix

Andy Warhol

Take, for example, Warhol’s early drawings of youth. They are among the most gay acts in his works. Even though Warhol was gay, he didn’t talk about it from the start. Much of the document is devoted to Warhol’s sexual orientation. Everyone put stickers on it, and really wanted to get away from it. He created an aura of mystery, described himself as asexual, and largely protected the sex sphere, which was probably a deliberate game with power in then-racist and homophobic America. Is Warhol’s sexuality really the most important question in the movie? From “Pamiętnik …” we learn about his relationship with men. The first was Jade Johnson’s love, who soon became an inspiration to an older Warhol. John Gould and Jean-Michel Basquiat were next. Placing the film in this angle gives new meanings to his art.

A breakthrough in the documentary series is the use of artificial intelligence technology Al, thanks to which Warhol’s story was told with his voice. In addition, many friends, family, editors, curators and artists, incl. Rob Lowe, John Waters, Bob Colacello and Jerry Hall. Combining the sayings of the film’s characters with Warhol’s ideas gives the story a drama, creating a complex portrait of the artist’s personality. For many, not only Warhol’s art was controversial, but his entire life and behavior. He was considered a fetishist, considered himself religious, was gay, loved luxury and made no secret that his motive was always profit.. He thought art was a good deal. On February 22, 1987, Warhol walked into the operating table for a cholecystectomy. The operation went without complications, but the artist died after the operation in his sleep at night due to a sudden arrhythmia.

Several Warhol documentaries have been made (including Rick Burns’ four-hour long Andy Warhol “Andy Warhol: The Documentary”), but Andy Warhol’s Memoirs are as detailed, thoughtful, and plotted as if Warhol himself was. Introverts and their intimate relationship is a study of the American icon and shows that, as always with controversial personalities, everyone has their own view of Andy.


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