“All my life I have never been well” – Claudine Mercier

Claudine Mercier, who has retreated from the public sphere in recent years, spoke in a rare moment on Sunday evening. True natureWhen she left the stage and what she experienced behind the scenes during her years of fame.

“I was fine, but I didn't seem to know it. […] I saw that I was not well all my life,” he admitted to Jean-Philippe Dion during his visit. True natureShaking at the juice of his third solo show, then at the pinnacle of his art.

The holy grail of the Just for Laughs festival in 1990, a year after leaving comedy school, Claudine Mercier quickly carved out a favorite place in the hearts of Quebecers, selling more than 800,000 tickets.

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“It started very quickly. The lack of experience, the lack of training, means that I have this problem all the time … I'm going there, but at the same time I'm scared,” she admitted.

The comedian explained during the show that her shyness, pressure, lack of self-confidence and the fact that she was cast in the shadow of Liz Dion, who shattered all the ticket sales records, contributed to her unhappiness in the industry.

“I find it valuable,” he said, recalling his best moments on stage with his present-day perspective.

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Photo provided by TVA

With the release of her fifth and final solo show, Claudine Mercier felt her career was fading. The fatigue and stress of the tour made it hard to bear and, among other things, caused significant hair loss.

“It's good Thatch You know how to refresh yourself without dissatisfying your audience who have been following you since the beginning. last Show, I was trying to find a new audience, but it wasn't really me. […] That's where you lose yourself because you want to please everyone too much,” the impersonator recalled.

The play featured last summer Silence returned!Claudine Mercier also said she was torn between her desire to reconnect with her audience and the stress the stage put on her.

“I really see it funny Should have been called for here, but at the same time with the pressure of the film and all that, it's like… it's not needed either. But I'm still proud to have done it,” he said.

True nature Airs Sundays at 9:30pm on TVA and can be replayed anytime on TVA+.

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