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The action basically begins at the same time as the first part. Both the bloodthirsty twins and Zosia – from the police’s point of view – rave about monsters and moonstone, are both taken prisoner. Nobody believes her, of course, everyone is waiting for the arrival of a special set of uniforms from Warsaw. However, the head of the police station will take Zosia to a place where several murders took place.

Nobody Will Sleep in the Woods Day 2 (2021) – Movie Review (Netflix). bolder

Like I mentioned in the introduction, I think no one will sleep in the woods today was a really great movie. It probably didn’t make me crazy, but he was very skilled and competent, understood the rules of the genre, and was able to find a place for extra commentary, as well as excellent episodes. Overall, I was wondering if I would get the same in the sequel.

It turns out both yes and no. The most important things first. about the movie No one will sleep in the woods today 2 It would be very difficult to write without spoilers because it would not allow you to discuss and explain what I liked so much. However, I will try to encourage you to click play. Again, of course, we’re dealing with the slasher – when necessary, the movie can be suspenseful. Especially in the beginning, which plays very slowly, with music that is supposed to be quiet, but at the same time annoying. You feel that something is about to happen, but the creators are also in no hurry and can celebrate it.

Although later No one will sleep in the woods today 2 He goes into very inconspicuous and surprising areas. I admit that I was really surprised a few times by the direction the story has gone and what happens with some of the characters. I have the impression that Bartosz M. Kowalski decided that he no longer just wanted to imitate the classics of the genre, because it was time to let your imagination run wild. And it turned out – in my opinion – quite interesting, because usually I didn’t know what was going to happen next (although it was quite obvious that some things would come out).

Again, there’s also one more thing, some extra thought. In the first part, one can find a comment regarding several socially important issues, such as intolerance or corruption of the clergy. Not to mention, the metaphor for twins who turned into stone monsters from the moon was crystal clear. This time, we first deal with various attempts to reverse perspective, and one scene clearly shows that even when threatened, we are more likely to jump each other’s throats than unite and work together to survive.

Here, of course, we get to the point where No one will sleep in the woods today 2 You can accuse the vast majority of horror movies, and scraps above all, that the characters often act stupid. Nobody listens to Adam, who is the only one who acts completely rational and gives reasonable advice on what to do to survive the night. They meet him because of this harassment and I have a problem with her, because he is often called “pussy”. I think it would be really cool if we could finally stop associating this word (and another similar one) with a lack of strength, courage, or weakness. Another drawback of the film may be that in the second half it clearly begins to lack tension, and secondly, that it also, unfortunately, stretches and loses its initial momentum and energy.

Still though No one will sleep in the woods today 2 You’re watching very well, and that’s also due to the actors. Mateusz Veskowicz as Adaz and Zofia Wichacz appear in this sequel as Vanessa. The former is great as an insecure, hacky and generally very lonely boy with a kind heart. On the other hand, Wichłacz does a good job as an injured, sometimes a bit energetic person. Andrzej Grabowski is also excellent, he’s Olaf Lubaszenko from Part Two – that is, he has a great episode.

So in conclusion, it’s really good. And even better because No one will sleep in the woods today 2 I liked more than the first part. Mainly because we are no longer dealing with slasher tradition, but rather something new, our own. And everything suggests that this might just be the beginning, because the end suggests that the creators have slightly bigger plans. I would like to give them confidence.

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