Piotr Wawrzyńczak.  "The Facts of Love Accidents".  His career was interrupted due to an accident

  • Piotr Wawrzyńczak was born on March 12, 1967 in Białystok
  • His role in the controversial film “Chronicles of Amorous Accidents” directed by Andrzej Wajda was his first big screen appearance. The film premiered in Polish cinemas on November 24, 1985.
  • In subsequent years, he appeared more often in supporting roles. He acted, inter alia, in the films “Mice”, “Zamanka” and the comedy “Keller”.
  • The actor passed away on June 6, 2001. He was 34 years old
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Born in Białystok, Piotr Wawrzyńczak had dreamed of being an actor since his childhood. He decided to enter the State Higher School of Theater in Krakow. At the same time, fate gave him a unique opportunity. Otherwise, how can we call the proposal that he plays the main role in the film that he directed Andrzej Oujda?

Photo: AKPA

Piotr Wawrzyńczak and Krystyna Zachwatowicz

In the drama Chronicle of Love Accidents based on the novel by Tadeusz Konwicki, 18-year-old Wawrzyńczak plays Witek, a high school graduate in Vilnius who falls in love with his girlfriend Alina. The film takes place in the last weeks of the summer of 1939. Wawrzyńczak then played alongside recognized Polish actors and actresses, including tadeush omniki, Kristina Zatovic and Leonard Petraszak. The younger generation played peers and peers: Polina Minarska, Magdalena Wojcick, Jaroslav Groda and Dariush Dubkovsky.

Photo: AKPA

Piotr Wawrzyńczak and Jarosław Gruda

The incidents of love affairs caused a scandal

The role in Oujda’s film was supposed to be a groundbreaking one, but it was also a difficult experience for an inexperienced teenager. Not just for him. Paulina Minarska, impersonating Alina, was under 15 during the shooting and remembered working on the set as shocking to her and Wawrzyńczak, with whom she participated in several nude scenes.

Photo: YouTube / Polish Film Academy

Piotr Wawrzyńczak and Paulina Młynarska as Witek and Alina in “Chronicle of Love Accidents”

Years later, Młynarska admitted that she and the young actor later felt the older filmmakers took advantage of their own inexperience and innocence, including in a scene where they had to run several hundred meters naked in front of the camera in the presence of the entire film crew.

Młynarska also revealed that she was drunk with alcohol and sedatives on the set of one of them. “Why wasn’t a double assigned to play this scene, only a child was used?” – In 2019, I asked Minarska, who gave up her acting career and stayed journalist.

For years he was in the background

After this vociferous role, Piotr Wawrzyńczak disappeared from the newspaper front pages for several years. He did not have another movie role until 1992 in the TV movie “Only Fear”. In the same year, he was honored in the 10th National Review of Graduate Performance for the Theater Schools in ód, for which he received an acting award. The same award was received by his friend from the “Love Accident Records” group. Magdalena Wójcik.

Photo: You Tube

Piotr Wawrzyńczak in “Kiler”

Then there was the popular series “Dom” and the sensational production with Marek Kondrat “Ekstradycja”, the films “Prowokator” and “For what?”. In 1997, he appeared in the comedy Juliusz Machulski “Kiler” and in the Polish-British series “Wojenna narzeczona”. However, these appearances were supporting, not major roles. After another guest appeared in the series “Room 107” and “In Good and Evil” Piotr Wawrzyńczak started playing less. He was still waiting for his next big chance.

In 2001, he starred in the Austrian drama “Jedermanns Fest” opposite Klaus-Maria Brandauer and Juliette Greco. The main character of the film is a life-loving fashion designer … He dies in a car accident, but he makes a death pact, which allows him to live a few more hours to watch his last show. While participating in this film, Wawrzyńczak had the opportunity to work outside Poland, but he did not live to see the film’s premiere. The picture appeared in theaters in January 2002, a few months after his tragic death.

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