gas prices.  What was happening in the market on the day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine?

Russia attacked Ukraine on Thursday morning. Gas contracts on TTF with delivery for the coming months, in War News, During the day they rose to more than 140 euros per megawatt-hour, but in the afternoon they fell to the level it has been since Thursday’s opening – between 115 and 120 euros per megawatt-hour. This is the case However, this is a 60 percent increase. Compare the quotes at the beginning of the week.

During the day, the Ukrainian transmission operator GTSOU reported that despite the battles in Ukraine with the advance of Russian forces, Gas is transported to the west without any hindrances, as I mentioned earlier Gazprom quantities. Polish too PGNiG She stated that she was receiving the agreed amounts from the East.

Gas prices at TGE are rising sharply

However, prices on the spot market of the Warsaw Energy Exchange rose significantly. On Wednesday, the cost of gas with next-day delivery was just under PLN 400 per MWh, while on Thursday gas prices have already exceeded PLN 561 per MWh.

See also: Russia is ready for sanctions. “Reserves reach 700 billion dollars.”

On Thursday morning, a column of Russian troops crossed the eastern, northern and southern borders of Ukraine. Russia launched, on Wednesday night, shells on Ukrainian cities. The targets of the aggression were, among others, Kiev, Kharkiv and military installations in the Lviv region.

Large queues at gas stations

“We know about customers who stormed gas stations en masse. Sometimes this move was caused by misinformation that the fuel was about to run out or that it would become more expensive, for example tomorrow. But it is such a step that can cause supply problems! “ – Jacob Wich, editor-in-chief of Energetyka24 warned on Twitter.



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