Dave Kroll must have studied lips for 20 years

Dave Kroll spoke openly about his deafness.

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Leading player Fu Fighters appeared on the Howard Stern show on Tuesday to promote the rock band’s horror film Studio 666. But halfway through the interview, the conversation turned to how the musician’s hearing had been damaged by rock concert appearances since the late 1980s.

“My ears are always tuned to specific frequencies,” the musician explained, as he can hear well in the recording studio, but finds it very difficult to socialize. “If you were sitting next to me at a dinner party here, I would not understand a word you said to me,” he added.

“The worst part of this epidemic is the masks,” he explained. “I’m been reading lip service for 20 years.

Dave Kroll shared that he was diagnosed with tinnitus and hearing loss and that his entire left ear was worse than his right ear. He says it’s annoying for him to wear earmuffs on stage.

“I like to hear the audience in front of me, and I want to hear Taylor (Hawkins, drummer) back there. I’ve had the same monitor for 31 years. So he’s in my head. Continued. “I have small ear holes that come out when I put these on. I don’t want to be like a praying Mantis with these things in my head. I want to go there and give everything I have, ”he explained.

Studio 666 is scheduled for release on February 25 in Canada and the United States.

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