Photovoltaics: December 25, 2021. Home energy storage will provide profitability of solar panels after unfavorable changes in the law

There is a solution for owners of “home” photovoltaic cells. The first energy storage plant was built in Poland for the internal market. Thanks to the new devices, it is possible to preserve the profitability of private power plants, which are threatened by changes in the law that will soon lead to a deterioration of the balancing rules for purchased and sold electricity. The investment in such warehouses will likely be supported by the “My Electricity” program next year.

Expert alert: Photovoltaics, which were destined to become a panacea for rising electricity prices, and to make our country smog-free, are no longer profitable. Consumers, that is, producers and consumers of renewable energy, are today burdened with more restrictions. Instead of cheaper green energy, new users from next year will not be able to use the system that guarantees discounts, and accordingly – interest in renewable energy in Poland will decrease.

All this is due to the overburdened system of transport networks. In response to this problem, a stationary energy storage plant will be built in Poland. Most importantly – it will be the first such plant in the domestic market.

The initiator of the project is POZBUD SA from Pozna, which for this purpose has established cooperation with Singapore-based Durapower Holdings PTE LTD and Elmodis from Krakow. The result of the cooperation of three parties is the start of production of lithium-ion batteries, i.e. energy storage, as well as the implementation of battery and energy management operations from scattered sources throughout Poland.
Energy storage is the conversion and storage of electricity from a specific source into another form of energy that can be converted back into electricity. This, inter alia, covers the increased demand for energy, but also ensures supply when it is not available. Additional advantages of energy storage include voltage stability and correction of other electricity parameters, better management of energy purchased or produced and, above all, its immediate availability. The widespread use of energy storage also leads to clear environmental benefits, such as reducing the carbon footprint and pollution in the atmosphere, or saving water while reducing energy production from fossil fuels.

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According to new regulations passed by the House of Representatives, consumers who will enter the market from March 2022 are obligated to sell electricity to operators at the market price from the previous quarter. Then the consumer will have to buy energy from the operator, but at a higher price. impact? The benefits of solar panels are melting before your eyes. why all that? Aging transmission networks cannot withstand the massive influx of photovoltaic energy, and the number of consumers continues to grow. Hence the idea of ​​the Ministry of Climate and Environment, which was finally adopted in the form presented by Rep. Marek Sosky, to regulate the sector and persuade consumers to trade in energy on new terms.

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