The crisis is deepening in the airline industry.  Brussels Airlines and Scandinavian SAS cancel flights during the holidays

Usually, at the beginning of the summer holidays, the airports are crowded, because in the summer travel by plane is very popular. Airlines However, they are understaffed after the epidemic Corona Virus and labor strikes to demand higher wages. All this leads to mass cancellation flights The paralysis of the sky is over Europe.

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What’s next for flights? “We don’t want to achieve a complete cutting effect.”

Pilots strike. SAS airlines cancel flights

Scandinavian on Monday Airlines SAS Officially declaring that they had not reached an agreement with their pilots, they began a strike. The conflict has been going on for several months. On April 1, the collective agreement between the airline and trade union SAS Pilot Group expired. Since then, it has not been possible to reach an agreement and conclude a new contract.

Reuters explains itThat SAS pilots were offended by the airline’s decision, which instead of hiring former workers made redundant in the pandemic, with nearly half of the pilots out of work, has hired two-person pilots. the new Affiliates – Connect and Link.

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SAS airlines in crisis

“The blow at this point is in favor of SAS disastrous It puts the future of the company and the workplace of thousands of employees into question. “The decision to strike demonstrates the reckless behavior of the pilots’ unions and the shockingly low level of understanding the critical situation in which SAS has found itself,” Anko van der Werve, SAS President and CEO, said in an official statement.

as a result of strikes About 50 percent of flights are scheduled. Approximately 30,000 passengers per day will be affected. The effects will also be evident in the company’s budget. Reuters quotes Jacob Pedersen, an analyst at Sydbank, that the strike could cost SAS 80-90 million Danish kroner per day, or about 11-12 million. euro. The result is likely to be higher prices tickets.

“We regret if you experience the ongoing pilots’ strike which has resulted in delays and cancellations of flights. SAS is working to find a solution as soon as possible to prevent any further inconvenience to passengers,” SAS reported, and Anko van Der Werf said the airline is able to resume mediation at any time. .

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Brussels Airlines cancels 700 flights due to employee protests

The Belgian branch also canceled flights during the holiday season Lufthansa Brussels Airlines. This is the result of the past months protests trade unions. Cabin crew and pilots find the stress and workload too great. To avoid further strikes, airlines quickly found a solution to the problem holiday period.

Reuters reportsThat Brussels Airlines canceled nearly 6% of its area or up to 700 flights Courses in the coming months.

“We are meeting the demands of the trade unions today and hopefully that will rule out further action (this summer). Regarding long-term solutions, we will have a meeting with the unions on August 23,” said Brussels Airlines spokeswoman Mike Andres, quoted by Reuters as saying. .

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