Won't LPG cars be used on Polish roads?  Ministry unequivocally

members PiS I don’t like the requirements of the new law on approval regimes, which will apply from January 1, 2022, and which every LPG car must meet. Politicians primarily refer to the R115 regulations, thanks to which it will be possible to obtain approval of LPG installations, which will be in compliance with EU rules – wrote Dziennik.pl.

why? Because – according to MPs in the Law and Justice Act – every car with an LPG installation will require new approval in compliance with Regulation 115. According to it, the new regulations will apply to up to three million drivers.

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LPG cars will stay in the parking lot? The ministry is reassuring

How did the Ministry of Infrastructure respond to what the Law and Justice Party politicians revealed? The spokesman of the ministry, Shimon Hauptio, in response to questions from the Dziennik.pl portal, calms drivers with LPG cars.

The provisions in the Vehicle and Equipment Approval Regulations Bill (UC80) do not impose new obligations on owners of gas-powered vehicles. The portal quoted the spokesman, who suggested that the authors of the interrogation that “depriving road users of the possibility of leaving the road” is not justified.


Szymon Huptyś added that the proposed regulations will ensure that national regulations are adjusted in accordance with EU requirements. At the same time, they will maintain the LPG approval systems currently operating in Poland. He also stressed that the new regulations will not impose obligations on drivers.

Clean Transportation Zones in KPO

According to the provisions of KPO In the future, only passenger cars that run on electricity, hydrogen and natural gas will be able to enter these areas.

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