Fuel prices in Poland.  Orlene makes an important statement

Groupa Orlin It does not envisage imposing limits on refueling at its stations or changing its pricing policy. The company’s office told AFP that except for fluctuations or unexpected events in the market, there is no reason for fuel prices to rise sharply in the coming weeks or for there to be a shortage.

Orlin: There are no reasons for sudden price increases

As it noted, the Orlin Group does not plan to impose quantitative limits on fuel purchases at its stations, and there are no reasons for sudden price increases. The company confirmed that “fuel deliveries to Orlin stations and to wholesale customers with whom we have concluded contracts continue without interruption.” He pointed out that any temporary shortage may occur at individual stations over a wide range of operations, It is updated continuously.

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Following the merger with Grupa Lotos and PGNiG, purchasing processes have been optimized and business efficiencies enhanced, and as a result, the supplies of the entire Orlen Group, both wholesale and retail, have been secured, the company said.

Fuel “Miracle on the Vistula”

For several weeks, the “crossing” between Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania and even Hungary was clearly visible. While refueling is becoming more expensive, our drivers are paying less and less.

State-owned Orlin owns about 65 percent. Polish fuel market, including wholesale and retail. It is also a major supplier of finished fuel to other networks and independent suppliers.

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