Petro about expensive eggs, how many eggs did PiS take from the laughter of netizens joking about the politician

Ryszard Petrou on social media blamed the Law and Justice government and the head of the Polish National Bank for the increase in egg prices. The politician complained that “thanks to President Glabinski and his inflation, you can buy almost 30 percent less eggs for the same amount today.” Netizens reacted with a wave of laughter and funny comments.

False news. Petro plays with a Moravian statement regarding the adoption of the euro

Ryszard Petru decided to recall Mateusz Moravecki’s statement of March 1, 2013, when the discussion was titled …

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For a long time, opposition politicians have been trying to shift full responsibility for inflation onto the ruling United Right. They do not talk about the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and government aid to enterprises, thanks to which many jobs have been preserved. They did not mention the economic consequences of the war in Ukraine, which caused an unprecedented number in Poland and many other countries economic inflation. Meanwhile, the situation in Poland compared other countries no worse. Czech journalists compared the prices of 27 products In their country and in Poland. And all because Czechs shop en masse in stores in Poland, taking advantage of lower prices. Ryszard Petru, the former leader of Nowoczesna, also tried to compare prices, focusing on the whites. He concluded that fewer eggs can be purchased today than a year ago.

One netizen wrote: “King doubles, you leave your eggs in Madeira, don’t count the wage increases…and go with this worthless economy.”

Other people reminded the economist of the facts: “In 2015, for the welfare of PO, you can buy 5,500 eggs for an average salary, for PiS high prices after the introduction of EU regulations on breeding conditions, with the current global inflation crisis 6,500 eggs. No Be an expert in economics.

Some also expressed doubts about Ryszard Petrou’s credibility. Aside from the facts about price hikes, etc., you are one of the last people to talk about social and financial matters. You are as trustworthy as anyone else. The question of paying off modernity’s debt is cruelly embarrassing but still very relevant.

Once again, the politician and student of Leszek Balcerowicz shone like an ephemeral. Netizens are waiting for the next appearance of Ryszard Petru. You have to laugh at something…

He had a similar accident not long ago Donald Tuskthat showed Two receipts from the purchase of the same goods in 2017 and 2023. He did not mention a word about the covid-19 pandemic, as well as the war in Ukraine which caused an inflation unprecedented in Poland since the 1990s.

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