February 1, 2023


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The government takes taxes again.  He plans to amend the tax law

The government takes taxes again. He plans to amend the tax law

Polish people bats, people, but awesome! We have a “Polish deal” in the country. They say it will pay off. Even those who lose will gain. What are the advantages? and the rich. To avoid disproportion, you have to give a portion of your share. In order to explain it better, this text should be quoted: There was János, and there was Gracchina, and they had three daughters to one son. remotely, so the family life was poor. Janusz has been dealing with care for a long time, he had clothes, food, medicine. What the wave cares about, he is happy, he lives on luxury. The neighbor works two jobs, he has a house on loan, a car in installments, if he earns more than he has to pay surplus from. Janusz does not have such problems while lying in bed, he yawns lazily. As long as the “Savior of the Nation” rules his family, he will not starve to death. There are many people like Janusz who helped the authorities reach their goal. Thanks to this power, their cheap tricks, we are all paid parasites today. It is easier to rob someone and spoil their plans than to convince them that they are being robbed

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