Ford and Volvo want to ban the sale of combustion cars in Europe from 2035

The European Union has been talking about a ban on the sale of internal combustion cars for a long time and often in these reports there is a specific date – 2035. Some automakers are ready to support this proposal.

Ford and Volvo electric ready

Today it is difficult for us to imagine a ban on the sale of internal combustion cars, but I have no doubts that such a regulation will one day be enacted. In many countries, this could happen much earlier, because Norway, for example, wants to abandon combustion cars as early as 2025 and there are many indications that it will do just that. The UK is also coming to the fore and wants to switch to zero-emission vehicles as early as 2030. The EU doesn’t have an official position yet, but everything is aimed at banning the sale of combustion cars from 2035. It’s only and after 13 years.

Given the current geopolitical situation, I would not be surprised if these plans were not accelerated a little, because now everyone wants to reduce the use of oil as much as possible in order to stop taking care of the Russian Federation. It wouldn’t be a cheap transformation for sure, but it looks like it would be beneficial to all of us. This is the view of, among others, Ford and Volvo, the only car manufacturers among 28 signatories to a special petition to the European Parliament, calling for a ban on the sale of combustion cars, from 2035. So far, other car concerns have not wanted to submit Such obvious advertisements.

“With a European Ford, we believe that freedom of movement goes hand in hand with a concern for our planet and for each other.” Said Stuart Rowley, President of Ford Europe. That’s why all Ford cars will be zero-emissions by 2035. To successfully achieve this goal, EU lawmakers also need to set binding national targets for an efficient battery charging infrastructure that meets the growing demand for electric vehicles.”

Volvo plans to end production of combustion cars by 2030, so such a ban would be more favorable for this company. So a zero-emissions shift seems inevitable, and even in our lifetime, an internal combustion engine may literally get out of the way…

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