FIFA suspends three members but Infantino had one opinion on Russia.  Football is 'fantastic'

in february FIFA It decided to suspend Zimbabwe and Kenya from international competitions. This was due to the interference of the governments of these countries in the activities of the national football federations. This decision was upheld at Thursday’s session. Pakistan also received the same punishment.

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“Scandal and disgrace”. PZPN complies with FIFA in the play-off with Russia [SPORT.PL LIVE #16]

The latest FIFA ranking after Poland’s promotion to the World Cup. new boss

Many representatives believe that the same fate will be shared by the federations of Belarus and Russia. It turns out that the World Federation decided not to impose sanctions on the two football federations. World Federation President Gianni Infantino He only called for an end to armed conflicts in the world, and delegates commemorated the victims with a minute of silence. Nobody even mentioned a country like Ukraine.

– the last one World ChampionshipOur systems took place in Russia. It was a great event, but it clearly did not solve the problems of the world or even the region. I have an appeal to everyone who has some power in this world: Please end the conflicts and wars. For the sake of our children and our future, Infantino said.

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Moreover, the President of the Russian Federation, Alexei Sorokin, stated that there are no grounds for excluding Russia. – We have a right to be here. We are amazed that we can’t play in the World Cup qualifiers. Sorokin thinks the players and fans have nothing to do with it. The word war did not cross Sorokin’s throat.

The FIFA conference in Doha coincides with the final group draw for the World Cup on Friday, which will be held in Qatar this year. The tournament is scheduled to take place from November 21 to December 18. While many human rights organizations criticized the decision to grant Qatar the hosting of the World Cup, FIFA President He declared that this year’s World Cup would be the best in history and “it would be a spectacle like never before”.

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