NASA has recorded a huge glow on the sun.  The northern lights may appear over Poland

Thanks to the Solar Dynamics Observatory satellite NASA can track the behavior of the sun The agency has just announced a new, very large X-class solar flare. NASA has classified these events into several categories, of which Class X flares are the most powerful.

In this case, it’s an X1.3-class glow, which is big, but not so big that we have nothing to fear. Although it is worth noting that A large enough solar flare could one day lead to disaster.

Interestingly, Such a big glow could make the stunning northern lights appear over Poland in the next few days! However, the key here will be our country’s weather and the direction of the so-called coronal mass ejection (CME), the massive cloud of plasma emitting from the sun that accompanies the flare. If there are a lot of clouds in the sky, it is likely that there will be no greater chance of seeing the aurora borealis, even if this phenomenon does appear over our country.

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At the same time, we invite you to listen to the latest episode of the podcast from a technical point of view. This time we talked about what awaits the energy market in Poland and in the world. What is the black scenario and is fuel and electricity rationing possible at all? Could the Russian bombing of power stations in Ukraine lead to a nuclear disaster? You can find the answers to this below:

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