Hope the Polish hops end their career.  And that's only 20 years old

Just three years ago, Camila Karpel pointed out the hope of the women’s version of hops in Poland. In 2017, she triumphed in the Summer Continental Cup. In turn, in the 2018/19 season, it occupies second place in the general classification of the Continental Cup.

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Camila Karpel suspends her career. ‘Tough decision, but dry’

It also performs well in the local competition. She managed to win three Polish championship titles in the summer session. However, in the following years, the 20-year-old reduced flights significantly. In the middle of last year, she was removed from the staff. You’ve never been to the Olympics before. She openly criticized Lukasz Kruczyk, who was coach of the national team in 2019-2022.

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Later, there were financial problems. There is a controversial clause in the PZN regulations, on the basis of which only players who meet the requirements for a BMI are covered by central funding. Karpel could not fit into this framework. The contestant openly stated that if she did not receive financial support, the current season would be her last. We wrote more about it here.

The advertisement became reality. On Saturday, Karpel announced via social media that she would decide to suspend her career. “Today, my last jump, I don’t know if I’m going to sit on the crossbar. The decision was hard, but it was dry, maybe today it’s hard for me to smile from under the hill. My heart … I’m suspending my career indefinitely “- he wrote the bird. Later in the statement, she thanked Karpel for her support.

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In the end, the player made an appeal to her teammates. “Girls, thank you for the moments that are worth every sacrifice! For every song you sing in the room and every game of travel! I keep my fingers crossed for you, keep having fun, love yourselves, take care of your health and make your dreams come true.” – she concluded.

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