Examination of Vladimir Putin.  Experts noticed one important thing

Vladimir Putin’s behavior and speaking style were examined by specialists from the Koznovy Labs Institute, which cooperates, inter alia, with the Pentagon. The results are clear and food for thought in context Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Cognovi Laboratories’ Exploits artificial intelligence and behavioral psychology to assess people’s feelings and understand what drives their decisions,” says the Moscow Times website.

Specialists examined Vladimir Putin. One thing is surprising

Evaluated based on The relationship between emotions and behavior And evaluate the degree of readiness to work (intention scale). For this purpose, 10 emotions were taken into account: joy, anger, disgust, fear, sadness, surprise, amusement, contempt, hope, and faith.

The results are clear, despite the many military failures and losses Putin’s emotional state remains unchanged. Regarding the Ukrainian question, he is guided by “extraordinary persistence” and stubbornness.

Speech delivered before the Federal Assembly on the occasion of the first anniversary of the invasion Mobilized the Russian nation. Experts noted the prevailing emotions in the behavior of the Kremlin leader: faith, hope, anger, disgust and contempt. The goal score was 61 and was definitely higher than the previous yearWhen Putin announced a special operation against Ukraine.

What is the condition of Vladimir Putin? The results are clear

A similar set of emotions could be seen during the recent meeting with Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Then Vladimir Putin refused to extend the grain agreement. In this case, the goal score was 54.

Nirit Pisano, a clinical psychologist, said the Russian leader “has become more determined and emotionally resilient.” the most important, There is no sense of fear in his behavior. Putin’s resolve was not discouraged by warnings from foreign intelligence agencies, nor by Western sanctions and setbacks on the front.

According to experts, this lack of fear is the main reason why “traditional containment strategies did not work” in this particular case.

The European Union will not extend the embargo on grains from Ukraine. “Rymanovsky breakfast”/Polsat News/Polsat News

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