How does a smart TV box work and how much does it cost?

Smart TV set-top box To a TV is a small device connected to the monitor, for example, via an HDMI connector. It can take various forms, such as a flash drive, a small device with a short HDMI cable, or larger router-like enclosures. This is a small piece of equipment that complements our TV.

Operating principle Smart TV set-top box It is very simple. The device runs on a popular operating system (such as Android) and, after connecting it to the TV and turning it on, allows you to use the built-in interface. We select a specific HDMI channel on the TV (depending on where the set-top box is connected) and control it using the remote control.

Now we have access to all the benefits Smart TV. We can run popular apps for streaming services, use a web browser, YouTube, or download another app from the store.

Modern TVs in most cases Equipped with smart TV technology. If we buy a new Samsung or Sony TV, we can be sure that the operating system is already in place and we will be able to use applications from popular websites. In such a case, the additional attachment will not make much difference. However, there are two main reasons to buy an additional smart TV.

The TV is old and applications do not work on it

We probably have a great TV – it’s the right size, has good parameters, and still impresses with its picture quality. Unfortunately, due to its age, it was not equipped Smart technology, does not support applications or has a weak network module and applications often crash. Then it is worth purchasing an additional attachment.

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A well-chosen model will help you get rid of many problems resulting from the life of the TV. The Smart TV set-top box connects to the Internet independently of the TV, so the connection quality will be better than the old Wi-Fi module. Moreover, it gives you access to all the modern streaming platforms. This way, our old screen will allow us to display all the media from the streaming world.

We have a smart TV, but it works poorly

Even a modern TV with Smart TV technology does not necessarily provide us with comfortable viewing of series or movies. Some of the cheaper models do not have high-quality components. Despite installed apps, these apps run slowly, often freeze, and even navigating through the menu can cause problems.

In such a situation It is worth investing in a set-top box for smart TV. By purchasing a good model, we will be sure that all programs will work well and we will not have any problems with applications stopping on the TV. This, of course, is an additional cost, but it will significantly and positively affect the comfort of using the TV.

There are many manufacturers of attachments on the market Smart TV, but mainly 4 companies responsible for these devices took the lead. By choosing from their product range, we can be sure that we are purchasing high quality equipment. here they are:

Which model of smart TV set-top box is worth buying? One very popular option is Google Chromecast 4, which allows you to display images in 4K quality and 60 frames per second. This model also supports HDR and all popular applications. The construction is very simple. The small device has a short HDMI cable connected to the TV and is powered by a USB cable. It can also be connected to our monitor.
Guide: Which smart TV box should I buy?
The competitive solution is the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick 4K. The device looks like a flash drive, has no cables, and inserts directly into the HDMI port on your TV. Other popular devices include the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K and Apple TV 4K.

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