Stalin made the mistake of allowing Germany to exist

Journalist Julia Davis showed two parts of the show on Twitter Vladimir SolovyevThe preacher spares no harsh words about Berlin.

Olaf Schulz has been so rude lately. He declared: We will help Ukraine financially and with weapons until Putin realizes that he has made a fatal mistake – said the journalist.


Listen, Schulze, it was not Putin who made the fatal mistake, but Gorbachev (former head of the USSR, Mikhail Gorbachev – ed.) who made the fatal mistake when he allowed the Germans to unite. It was a mistake, stresses the nervous Solovyov.

Comrade Stalin erred when he decided to allow Germany to continue. It was a mistake – he added.

Solovyov threatens Berlin

In the second part of the program, the journalist and his guests talk about the supply of Russian gas to Germany. Why would we supply the Germans with gas if they start supplying the Ukrainians with heavy equipment? – Soloviev said.

Why do we allow an economy trying to kill our soldiers? Let them burn in hell – adds the journalist.

Subsequently, Solovyov stated that Germany had given Ukraine an air defense system that it did not have itself. – Does this mean that Berlin is not a protectorate? – Ask the publicist.

– They are fighting against Russia and in this case they should understand the consequences of this war. Remember that even at the beginning of the Second World War, our planes could reach Berlin. And now we also have other, more effective equipment – he explains. – We can say different things, but the Germans learned your lessons from history – adds Sołowiow.

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