Russia.  The general has been defrauded of millions.  He fell into a conspiracy with the Ukrainians and the Madagascar embassy  News from around the world

in the end January The former head of the Financial Service of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR Anatoly Merenkov was warned that “cunning people” were robbing the Russians. The general was told that the thieves were giving the loot to the Ukrainian armed forces. General Merenkov, who wanted to protect his savings, entrusted a large sum of money to his informants. It turned out that in this way the fraudsters extorted at least several million rubles from Russians.

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Russia. The general fell victim to fraud. Intrigue with the Ukrainians and the Madagascar embassy

Mash portal reported that one of the scammers presented himself as Russian Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Sadovenko. Another person claimed to be an officer in the Russian Federal Security Service. General Merenkov found the information they provided credible.

TASS News Agency It was proven that Merenkov initially withdrew about one million rubles from his account and then went to the Public Prosecution building, where he handed the bag containing the money to an unknown person. A similar meeting was also held at the Madagascar embassy.

Russia. General Anatoly Merenkov lost at least two million rubles due to fraud

TASS, citing information from Russian investigators investigating the case, reported that Anatoly Merenkov lost a total of about two million rubles.

In turn, Mash claims that this amount is much higher. Journalists reported that during numerous meetings with General Merenkov and his wife, the fraudsters allegedly extorted nearly 50 million rubles from their victims.

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