“Everything is for Sale”: He died tragically when he jumped on a train.  The most personal film of Andrei Wajda

Direct motivation for implementation “Everything is for sale.” He was The tragic death of Zbyszek Cybulski In January 1967. The plot of the film revolves around the search for a missing actor who did not appear on the set. During the search, researchers received news that the actor had died by jumping from a moving train. The director wonders what to do with the unfinished film.

The result was “a film about people who make cinema”, the Polish film “Eight and a Half” – as critics write about this production. The film premiered on January 28, 1969. It has been 55 years since this day.

How did this rather unusual thing happen? Andrei Wajda film?

“I'd had the nickname 'Everything's for Sale' before, but I didn't really know what to do with it. When I was in India, I was fascinated by the sight of a poor man standing on the highway – a shocking image of a man selling everything he had. Then I thought I'd like “I will say goodbye to cinema, and make a film like this: I am selling everything I have accumulated over the years, I am a man in rags and I declare it,” Andrzej Wojda said in a conversation with Stanislaw Janicki in 1969, immediately after the premiere.

Wadjda admitted this very quickly The film “began to manage its own affairs.”. The need to talk about a friend and the loss suffered by Polish cinema was combined with the need to speak out about the situation in the country (the beginning of filming coincided with the events of March 68) and the desire to find a suitable film language to express the character.

They played the main roles, actually impersonating their characters and speaking their own scripts: Andrei Lapicki (as director), Beata Tyschkiewicz, Elbieta Czezewska, Daniel Olbryshski I Bogomil Mary.

“The actors themselves spoke for themselves, they became the heroes of the story. The tales included in the film have different origins – they interest Zbišek and many of my friends. Some of the tales are true, others are made up,” Wojda said. He said.

“It's a film about the people who make cinema. The difference lies in the fact that the actors have a voice here. It is no coincidence that they appear under their own names. Why give them other names when I make them speak in their own words.” “, to which they themselves agreed. For the first time they say what they want. From the beginning I knew who would play the main roles in this “sale” – he recalls.

Andrzej Wajda also used some of the actors' ideas, for example Daniel Olbriczski's final horse chase.

Everything is for Sale is one of the most interesting self-referential works in the history of European cinema. The title opened one of the most creative decades of Andrzej Wajda's work. In the following years, such great cinematic works of the Polish creator as “The Wedding”, “Landscape after the Battle”, “The Promised Land”, “The Marble Man”, “Without Anesthesia” and “Maids of the World” were created. wolf”.

On March 5, 2013, Everything is for Sale had its official premiere in a new, digitally restored version.

“It is simply a film about Andrzej Wajda. The most personal film that has been made in art cinema since Osiem i Pół. Moreover, I dare to believe that Wajda's first intention was actually to make a film about Cybulski and that it was only during production that an intelligent director realized that he was, in effect, unwittingly making a film about himself,” Krzysztof Mitrak wrote in his 1969 review.

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