Fabank is 40 years old.  The director and actors remember working on the set

40 years have passed since the premiere of the film “Vabank” that the Poles love. This comedy was the full debut of the then little-known young director Julius Macholsky. How do the creators remember that they worked on the set? They told about her on Dzień Dobry TVN.

The movie “Vabank” is 40 years old

The film “Vabank” forever entered the history of Polish cinema. He brought great popularity to the director, as well as to the actors who starred in it.

Julius Macholsky He always wanted to make films, which is why in the mid-seventies he began his studies at the directing department at the National School of Film, Television and Theatre. Leon Schiller in the boat. At Dzień Dobry TVN, the director talked about the process of creating a cult comedy.

– While on vacation, I wrote a script, but it took a long time to prepare for it. I wanted to make a movie for that The offender is honest, and the honest man is a criminal – remembers Julius Macholsky.

Elżbieta Zającówna She played the role of Natalia.

– It was the first movie I found my way into. There was a little boy in a black jacket and glasses. He asked me if I was willing to cut my long hair a bit and change the color. I answered him if the manager asked yes. And this little boy in glasses said that he was the director – Elipita Zagokona said with a smile.

The main role was played by Henrique Quinta, the father of the director, Jan Macholsky. – Today, as an experienced director, I have reservations about choosing my father in the lead role. But I wrote it for him, I thought it would change his emploi – Julius Macholsky admitted.

“Vabank” – cult crime comedy

The premiere of “Vabank” took place in 1982.

The beginning of the eighties, the atmosphere of social unrest. Suddenly the young director begins shooting a crime comedy. At the time when the cinema of moral concern began. He was looking at us, to say the least, in a disrespectful way. I think to myself that such a balance is much needed. She stressed that a nice smile is needed at all times Ewa Zikulska.

The works of Julius Macholsky are still popular today. Successive generations are watching it. – I have a theory He never got old because he was always old, always retro – Summarize the director.

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Main image source: Good morning TVN

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