The movie “Barbie” won the hearts of Polish viewers.  The box office record was broken
We got acquainted with the result of the opening of “Barbie” in Polish cinemas. As expected, the Greta Gerwig comedy drew a huge audience for its weekend premiere — as many as 493,000 viewers. According to the film’s distributor, Warner Bros. Entertainment Polska – This year, no other title scored higher at the start. “Barbie” is also the second most watched show in Poland after the pandemic and one of the most popular Warner Bros. productions. in history.

Barbie conquers the world

“Barbie” Sells great products all over the world. After the film’s first weekend, the film’s worldwide gross was $344 million. This is a standard outcome for a production that is not a sequel, prequel, or adaptation of a comic book.

The comedy went to 69 countries around the world. At 55 she was number one (losing, among other things, in China, where she finished fifth). It had a year’s best opening in 18 countries and a World Bank’s best opening in 16 countries.

Markets that brought in the most revenue “Barbie”are: United Kingdom ($22.9 million), Mexico ($22.3 million), Brazil ($15.9 million), Australia ($14.6 million), Spain ($9.9 million), France ($9.8 million), China ($8.6 million) and Italy ($8.2 million).

“Barbie”: about the movie

The producers of the movie “Barbie” managed to gather a wonderful cast on the set. In addition to the main cast, Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, the screen will include m. Dua Lipa, Will Ferrell, Simo Liu, Issa Rae, America Ferrera, Kate McKinnon, and John Cena.

Robbie and Gosling play Barbie and Ken, who are facing an existential crisis. In search of a cure, the heroes leave idyllic Barbieland and set off on a journey to the human world.

Read our review of the movie: to watch “Barbie”I felt a rare energy reaction in the audience. It was almost therapeutic: the feeling that things were being said on screen and that viewers (probably most viewers) needed to hear it said out loud. Like in the movie: Barbie entered the real world and the real world reacted. If Greta Gerwig’s mission was to take a piece of plastic and make something real out of it, something honest, something important, then she succeeded.

Barbie: Trailer

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