What’s next for Stotch?  Fortune speaks frankly.  “sir”

The longest World Cup jumping season in history ended Sunday in Planica. During the last conflict, in the absence of Davud Kubacki, the Polish team captains were Kamil Stosch and Piotr Śela. And although they are both 36 years old, they are still flying at the highest level.

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Morawiecki opposes the decision of the International Olympic Committee: What is this approach to the issue?!

Wojciech Fortuna Nice about Kamel Stosh. “For me he is a genius.”

Wojciech Fortuna in an interview with the portal WP SportoweFakty He was asked about Kamel Stoch’s future. His answer leaves no room for doubt. Sir, I still believe in him. For me, he is a genius, – he admitted and added: – I think he can still bring us great joy and stand on the podium at the age of 37-38. We also need him for the team. It is a strong bond in team competition.

Granroad broke the bank. How much did Polish jumpers earn last season?

The 1972 Olympic champion was asked if he believed in podiums and Stosch’s victories. Sir, I still believe in him. For me, that’s genius. He won three Olympic gold medals, he is a medalist in the World Championships several times, there are victories in other important competitions, he still wants to develop, he has a desire to jump, and one that his age can comfort, – he answered soon.

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Fortunately, age is not a hindrance. There are jumpers who need more time to reach the top, and the current situation in ski jumping shows that even 36-37-year-old jumpers can perform at a high level – noted Fortuna.

Scenes at Planica.  Stosh Burke faced Sedlak.  This picture says it allScenes at Planica. Stosh Burke faced Sedlak. This picture says it all

Thomas Thornbichler is “burned out” as a coach. Wojciech Fortuna is happy with the first Austrian season

The legendary Polish jumper evaluated Thurnbichler’s first season as coach of the Poles. – It was a very successful season. For obvious reasons, our team did not finish completely, but the Poles proved themselves to be a force, one of the best teams in the world – he admitted.

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