Spider-Man: No Way Home Mysterio may have appeared in the movie.  What about poison in the MCU?

Note: The text includes spoilers!

Spider-Man: There is no escape from home It is a true success in the MCU, which has already generated more than $1.8 billion worldwide. project script book, Chris McKenna And the Eric Somers, were guests at IGN Fan Fest. At the meeting, they revealed, among other things, the Mysterio case. As you know, the villain does not appear in production. However, as Messrs. revealed, there was a plan to bring the opponent back into history, which resulted in the Collage department drawing a scene depicting Mysterio Fighting Doctor Strange (artwork available at the beginning of the gallery below).

The writers also commented on the post-credits scene with Venom in the lead role, sending Eddie Brock into his world, but a piece of the equaliser is still in Peter’s world. They stated that they didn’t know anything about Venom’s plans to bring Venom to the MCU, but that the scene was intentionally filmed to open the door for such a possibility.

In addition, the gentlemen were asked about a certain gap in the plot. The point is that after Dr. Strange cast a spell that would make the whole world forget Peter Parker, there is still some physical evidence of his existence. Somers and McKenna said they have an explanation, but they can’t reveal it right now. Additionally, they revealed that they did not want to explain this complexity in the film’s epilogue in order to focus on the more human aspects of Peter’s decision.

The book also revealed that the sequence in which Peter Tom Holland meets his peers performed by Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire was rewritten about ten times before the final version was released. It was related to the issue of introducing the previous Spider-Mans, where they are today, convincing the main character not to give up and setting the climax of the film.

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