Emil Stoupio refutes Duda’s allegations: cheap media actions of celebrities

  • Duda and Maria Sadowska, on Monday, informed netizens via Instagram that they were not held responsible for the movie “Girls from Dubai” because they were cut off from it.
  • On InstaStories, Duda noted that the film’s director, Maria Sadowska, was not paid fully for her work.
  • In an interview with Plejada, Emil Stępień responded to Doda’s words. “Mrs. Dorota Rabitciuska is not so talented as trying to promote it,” she says.
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First theatrical show Girls from Dubai It was scheduled to take place in the next few months. will add They worked with Emil Stępień on the production set for two years. When information about their divorce was revealed, they both confirmed it Private affairs will not affect your work life. InstaStories’ Dorota Rabczewska says it eventually happened differently than expected. With the director of “Girls from Dubai” – Maria Sadowska, she recorded a video in which Duda claims that Emil Stupio does not want to be allowed into the studio.

“We had a final editing appointment for our film, which lasts 2 hours 20 minutes and is very long, for several months we have been trying to arrange this shortcut, which is impossible for us, and today the door is closed in our face again, before the film I produce, I spent two years with him Maria pulled it off. Emile wrote the official emails that we have no right to touch this movie we’ve been making for two years and no one understands why he’s acting this way, not even the distributor. Everyone says the movie is too long. We feel used, kick butt, Emil is the only king and ruler of this movie– Hear in the recording.

Photo: Instagram / dodaqueen

He will add about “Girls from Dubai”

Photo: Instagram / dodaqueen

Duda and Maria Sadowska

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We requested feedback from Emil Stępień. We read in the statement sent to the editorial office:

You can find the rest of the article below the video:

Worm separates from “Girls from Dubai”

Duda noted that because of the situation, neither she nor Maria Sadowska wanted to take responsibility for the footage.

I, as a creative producer in the current situation, must say out loud now that I do not take responsibility for this film material and Maria also as a director, because we have been prevented from finishing work on it“.

Photo: Instagram / dodaqueen

A message from the studio

Later, the artist recorded other videos on Instagram, in which she said that some warned her about similar situations, but she herself did not want to believe this.

I feel used, deceived, and taken to the company to be a face to it, to promote it, and then to collect all the lynchings, grievances, legal and financial consequences, and it turns out I have no rights and no real influence. Throwing me out like trash, closing the door to the editing room where I spent the last year and these are the people I’ve worked with, Just because Emil has gone crazy“- She said.

She added that Maria Sadowska, the film’s director, did not receive a portion of the payment.

I can’t shine my eyes on everything, in every situation that Emile has done and take charge. I was a creative product, I pack it on my back, even though I can’t do that anymore. Everyone is hiding behind my back, and it turns out that I have no rights– She added.

Finally, she added:

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