Box Office USA: Mission Failed.  Tom Cruise below expectations
After crowds at screenings earlier in the week and high ratings from viewers, expectations for the Tom Cruise movie were high… as it turns out, very high. Projections were for “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning – Part 1” to reach $90 million by the end of the week. Now, Paramount has provided estimates that the film is expected to take 10 million less. Of that, $56.2 million came from the weekend alone.

Despite a worse-than-expected start, the future of the show doesn’t look bad at all. Just look at We have elements, which had a disastrous start, but high ratings from viewers meant it would bravely catch up in the following weeks. This week, Pixar Animation beat the finalists “buzz light year” ($118.3 million) and “good dinosaur” (123.1 million).

And start Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning – Part 1 Not bad at all. actually The five-day opener was so good that it set a new course record! Part two was the best yet “Mission: Impossible”which Memorial Day helped – $78.8 million. For the same weekend, the record is still here “He falls” – 61.2 million dollars.

Movies of 2023 with revenues of more than $100 million

# Title earned in total
in public The number of cinemas the first show VOD budget
1 Super Mario Bros. film $573.9 $146.4 USD 4,371 5.04 16.05 $100 dollars
2 Spider-Man: Through the Multiverse $368.8 $120.7 4,332 2.06 unavailable $100 dollars
3 Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 $358.5 $118.4 USD 4450 5.05 7.07 $250
4 Little mermaid $293.9 $95.6 4320 26.05 25.07 $250
5 Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Obsession $214.5 $106.1 4,345 17.02 18.04 $ 200
6 John Wick 4 $187.1 $73.8 3,855 24.03 23.05 $100 dollars
7 Creed III $156.2 $58.4 4,007 3.03 31.03 $75
8 Transformers: Beast Awakens $152.8 USD $61.0 3,680 4.06 11.07 $ 200
9 fast and furious 10 $146.0 USD $67.0 4,088 19.05 9.06 $340
10 Indiana Jones and the Artifact of Destiny $145.4 USD $60.4 USD 4600 30.06 unavailable $329
11 elements between us $125.3 USD $29.6 4,035 16.06 unavailable $ 200
12 Yelp VI $108.2 $44.4 4,313 10.03 25.04 $35
13 flash $106.8 $55.0 4,256 16.06 31.07 $220

However, the real hero of the weekend was the independent production “Freedom’s voice”. In its second weekend, the film grossed $27 million. This means Increase in receipts compared to opening by a staggering 37%.. This is the largest increase in the history of the second non-holiday weekend for a film in wide release. Four titles have larger increments (incl “king of entertainment” record +76%), but all debuted around Christmas.

Interestingly, not all are fans “Freedom’s voice” Enjoy their success at the box office. Some accuse the supporters Culture woke up For the subversion of buying whole shows. In this way, the film is shown to empty halls, while the real fans cannot enter the show because there are no tickets. On the other hand, the mainstream media claims that far-right organizations buy tickets, precisely in order to boost the score.

In turn, the AMC network has had to defend itself on social media against the accusations of another group of fans “Freedom’s voice”who claimed that the network was sabotaging the film and did not want it to be shown in their cinemas.

For a movie with a budget of just under $15 million, “Freedom’s voice” Become the biggest surprise this year.

This isn’t the only cheap movie making a splash in cinemas. At a cost of only $16 million Note: the red door. Although it lost 61% compared to the opening, its total return is better than the final achievement of the two parts of the course. Next week He will defeat the Last Key and become number two. Will he be able to overcome it? “Featured: Chapter 2”? Ten days later, he loses two million dollars to two.

US box office July 14-16

# Title It happened over the weekend earned in total a week on screen Cinema
1 Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning – Part 1 $56.2 $80.0 1 4327
2 Freedom’s voice $27.0 $85.5 2 3265
3 Insidious: The Red Door $13.0 $59.09 2 3188
4 Indiana Jones and the Artifact of Destiny $12.0 $145.36 3 3865
5 elements between us $8.7 $125.29 5 3235
6 Spider-Man: Through the Multiverse $6.05 $368.8 7 2577
7 Transformers: Beast Awakens $3.42 $152.77 6 2041
8 I don’t mean to belittle you $3.3 $46.59 4 2053
9 Joy Ride $2.58 $10.62 2 2820
10 Little mermaid $2.35 $293.92 8 1615

* The opening score from the weekend alone

Two big shows are planned for Friday. this “Barbie” And “Oppenheimer”.

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