Price frenzy at gas stations.  Driving on LPG is useless?

“I’m not that bad yet, because I use gas – explains the neighbor – the price of a liter of LPG is still less than PLN 3”. So let’s calculate – I suggest – and thus … the previous neighbor’s car, an old big diesel, burned 7.5 liters of diesel per 100 km while driving around the city. The current gasoline engine with gas installation – Toyota Avensis – consumes 10 liters of LPG in the city. And some gasoline. It is difficult to calculate the exact number, but it will take two liters of gasoline for sure. At a price of 10 liters of LPG, you can buy a little more than five liters of diesel fuel. Let’s add two liters of gasoline – this is equivalent to 7.2 liters of diesel. So driving on LPG, only accounting for fuel costs, is cheaper than driving an old big diesel, but it’s only symbolically cheaper! Game not worth it?

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LPG – Highest Prices in Years, and That’s Not the End of the Increases!

What the neighbor didn’t notice, because he had just recently refueled two weeks ago – is the fact that the LPG at the nearby Orlin station has increased by ten or more within ten days or so. The price of autonomous gas broke the psychological barrier of three zlotys – now it costs 3.09 PLN per liter. Winter is coming, so three zlotys per liter of natural gas will almost certainly be the national standard (now, as in the case of other fuels, you can easily find a station that sells 7-10% cheaper fuel). However – and this should not arouse any doubts – the psychological barrier of 6 PLN per liter of regular gasoline and regular diesel will not last long either. The question is whether it is a matter of days or weeks. So let’s calculate the cost of driving a thousand kilometers around the city – the standard monthly average – according to today’s fuel prices at a popular gas station in Warsaw. Suppose we have a medium-sized family car with an engine capacity of 130-150 hp. We calculate as an estimate, but until the values ​​​​obtained are realistic for an average user and an average car – some will pay less, but there will also be those who will pay much more.

LPG – How Much Does a Gas-Powered Car Really Burn?

The fact that the price of a liter of LPG is just over 50 percent. The price of gasoline does not mean that a person with a gas system in a car pays half the price of a car that uses only gas. It wasn’t even when the price of a liter of gas was as high as 40 percent. The price of a liter of gasoline. It’s because:

  • The engine uses more LPG than gasoline. The difference in fuel consumption at the expense of LPG is usually more than 20%, and often more than 30%;
  • The engine also burns gasoline, incl. In the engine warm-up phase. Therefore, it does not save the first or second kilometer when fuel consumption is at its highest. In many cars with direct fuel injection, gasoline is used – in a small proportion – also when driving with an engine that has already been warmed up. if the engine uses 10 liters of LPG in an urban cycle, then usually you need to add 2 liters of gasoline to it, a little more in winter;
  • The shorter the mileage, the higher the share of gasoline in the total fuel consumption of a car equipped with an LPG system;
  • The lower the ambient temperatures, the longer the gasoline starting time;
  • Winter LPG is less economical than summer LPG – the combustion of LPG increases at lower temperatures;
  • The cost of fuel costs should be added to the cost of the installation service and the removal of additional defects caused by the installation of LPG – but we will omit this in our calculations.

1000 km on gas, gasoline and diesel – how much does it come out?

  • liquefied petroleum gas – We carefully calculate 10 liters per 100 kilometers + two liters of gasoline. At 3.09 per liter of LPG and 5.89 per liter of gasoline, the cost of driving 100 km is 30.9 PLN + 11.78 PLN. Total: 42.68 PLN.

1000 km = 426.8 PLN

  • Gas – We will calculate 9.5 liters per 100 km, taking into account that a more modern and economical car will use less fuel in city traffic, while large and heavy SUVs – much more. 55.95 PLN per 100 km.

1000 km = 559.5 PLN

  • Gasoline, hybrid engine – In this case, the fuel economy in city traffic largely depends on the feeling of the driver and the ability to use the capabilities of the hybrid engine. There are models that can go under 5l/100km, but it will be fairer if we count 6l/100km.

1000 km = 353.4 PLN

  • diesel – Modern diesel burns a little more than its 2010 counterpart – because it is heavier, and also has on-board installations that reduce the emission of toxic substances that increase fuel consumption. However, 7 l / 100 km is a real value in urban conditions. If we calculate the fuel consumption at the level of 7 l / 100 km, and the price of diesel – 5.89 liters, then we get 41.23 PLN per 100 km.

1000 km = 412.3 PLN.

Rising fuel prices – is this the end of cheaper driving?

In the case of a fuel-efficient car with a gasoline engine, the installation of LPG reduces operating costs, but with an increase in the price of autonomous gas, this advantage decreases – especially when calculated as a percentage. You can save a lot of fuel costs by replacing a regular gasoline engine with an economical hybrid car. A petrol car with an LPG system is not – or at least in many cases – cheaper to run than a more powerful diesel.

Is the cheap flight over? Exactly so – even the legend of cheap cars explodes with a bang! Even if we only drive around the city, we have to take into account the fact that we will spend several hundred zlotys per month on fuel. Every other trip means deeper access to your pocket, and this year’s winter trips – if they happen – could be the most expensive in history.

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