The Batman - Riddler mystery might tell you what the sequel will tell you
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March 8, 2022, 12:23 pm

A post-credits scene in The Batman leads to a perplexing website and a coded message revealing who the next antagonist of the Dark Knight is likely to be.

attention! The script contains slight spoilers about the plot and post-credits scene from Batman.

The main enemy of the Dark Knight from the movie BatmanRiddler, as his nickname indicates, leaves Batman with a series of puzzles. Most importantly, it does it with the help of a website rataalada.comwhose title appears for a split second in the scene after the credits. If we visit the title provided, we will see some puzzling entries, and as a “bonus” we will receive an encrypted message that may reveal what awaits Robert Pattinson in the sequel. Batman.

Riddler Riddler Might Suggest What Batman 2 Will Tell You - Illustration #1

Messages decrypted by reddit user revenge 22Its content is as follows:

You think it’s over, but you probably don’t know the whole truth. Every end is the beginning of something new. Something is coming.

Vengeance22 also analyzed the puzzling entries mentioned above and concluded that the numbers provided correspond to the release dates of the Batman comic book versions that introduced important characters such as Riddler, Catwoman, Joker, and Alfred to the DC world.

While the last entry is quite clear, because 4/3/2022 is just the release date Batman this is The penultimate series of numbers is 10/25/19.74. These numbers correspond to the October 1974 comic Batman #258 in which Harvey Dent, better known as Two Face, escapes from the Arkham Asylum.

If we combine this with the decoded message, it can be assumed Piece Batman 2 It will focus on Arkham Asylum, or the Dark Knight will have to face a creative villain.

On the other hand, as we found out from a recent interview with Matt Reeves (via happy sad confused), serial transverse Batman Friday Gotham BudWho was supposed to be talking about Gotham City’s corrupt police force, was frozen. However, the project turned into a series focused on the Arkham Asylum, which would also align with the Vengeance finds.

And what do you think this mysterious message might mean?

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