Elżbieta Starosecka returns to the big screen.  There is a trailer for the movie

Today, Elbieta Starostica, who gained the greatest popularity thanks to the song “The Leper” by Jerzy Hoffmann, celebrates her 80th birthday. Despite the long hiatus she took from cinema, the actress does not give up acting. Proof of that is the trailer for the new comedy “Believe in Santa Claus,” which will hit theaters in November.

In the film, Starostecka plays Eleonora, a resident of a nursing home, who is constantly preparing for death, regardless of the doctors’ diagnosis and the words of her friends.

Below is a trailer for the production.

In addition to Elżbieta Starostecka, the following people will appear on screen: Teresa Lipowska, Agnieszka Więdłocha, Antoni Pawlicki, Aleksandra Grabowska, Grzegorz Daukszewicz, Dorota Kolak, Cezary Żak and Mateusz Janicki.

The production company is responsible for MTL Maxfilm, which produced, among others, the last two parts of the “Kogel Mogel” series.

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