There are no miracles – this must end.  New fuel price forecast for Monday

  • Fuel prices at gas stations in Poland no longer fall

  • Latest fuel price forecast covering next week. But the most interesting thing is what will happen two weeks after the elections

  • There are discounts all over the world, but fuel prices are not falling in Poland

This is the end of the discounts but the so-called fuel miracle is likely to continue at least another week – according to forecasts published today by analysts.

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Fuel prices at stations as of Monday. New fuel price forecasts

No, because Poland recently found its own way to regulate fuel prices at stations. As experts from the online gasoline portal noted, fuel is a very hot topic in this year’s election campaign, and at the end of the campaign, after a series of reports about the failure of several fuel dispensers at stations, the discussion was no longer about their prices, but about their availability for drivers.

What is worth emphasizing is that Poland’s wholesale fuel market ignores price cuts on stock exchanges in Europe in recent days. The discount is not symbolic at all – in the case of crude oil it reaches 10 percent, and in the case of diesel oil – up to 15 percent.

Detailed fuel price forecasts can be found below the image

Photo: Mariusz Kaminski / Otto Swiat

Fuel prices at stations will remain like this for another week. I wonder what will happen after the elections

Fuel prices as of Monday. Gasoline and diesel prices at stations

According to the latest fuel price forecasts at stations equipped with electronic gasoline for the period from Monday, October 9 to Sunday, October 15, the prices of gasoline, diesel, and liquefied petroleum gas will be as follows:

  • Gasoline price 95: PLN 5.94-6.06 / liter,

  • Diesel price: 5.95-6.09 PLN/l,

  • LPG price: PLN 2.98-3.12 per litre.

Fuel market experts therefore agree that the fuel miracle at Polish stations will not end next week, although significant price increases at stations – despite the assurances of politicians – are already looming on the horizon.

As we read in the analysis conducted by e-Petrol, citing information from, the slowdown in reductions in average fuel prices in Poland is also evident in the latest data released by the European Commission, but the fuel price table clearly shows that in Poland During the past four weeks fuel has been exceptionally cheap. The end of low prices could come in just over a week – on Sunday, October 15, when parliamentary elections will be held in Poland.

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