Marta Umoda Trzypatoska on the age difference in marriage.  Does it bother her that her lover is younger than her?  honest answer

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Marta Umoda Trzebyatoska She was once linked to a 12-year-old dancerAdam the King. The couple separated in 2013, and the actress later lived on whole colaWhich is five years younger than her. They have been married since 2015, but they still attract attention due to the age difference between them. Recently, this topic has also been bothering fans of the actress on Instagram. You responded what you think about it.

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Marta Umoda Trzebyatovska on the age difference between her and her husband: I remember her in three situations

Marta Żmuda-Trzebiatowska has a huge number of fans on Instagram who are interested not only in her work, but above all in her private life. Recently, the actress decided to organize a question and answer and answer a series of questions. One of them relates to the age difference between her and her husband. She was asked if at the beginning of the relationship she was bothered by the fact that she was older than him. She had an honest answer.

Yes, because I have a full brother’s age, and at first I evaluated him from the perspective of his “younger brother”. Then I realized that it does not matter … in terms of age. We don’t feel our five-year difference. I remember it in three cases: when we blow out candles on the cake, when we look at childhood photos (my black and white photo, Camila is already in color), when we remember her with a colorful stress that likes to emphasize – the actress replied to InstaStories.

Marta Umoda-Trzebyatovska wrote about the age difference between her and her husbandMarta Umoda-Trzebyatovska writes about the age difference between her and her husband Photo:

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Marta Umoda Trzepiatoska and whole cola There were two children. In 2017, their son A . was born In 2020 daughter. The couple protects the privacy of the kids and so far they have not shown any pictures together. The spouses also do not take their children to walls and formal occasions.

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