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(Photo: FP Maestoso & Showa Orchestra)

It will be a real musical feast in Washwa. On Sunday afternoon, the Maestoso Orchestra working at the Culture and Entertainment Center will perform two cinematic concerts. – We have prepared an interesting and diverse repertoire – Conductor Remigiusz Kuropka confirms.

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There will be songs from fairy tales, including: from Aladdin and Shrek. We will play Polish songs, including: from Stawka's films Higher Than Life, Nicosia Dysma's Career and Polish Roads. There will be no shortage of foreign literature. There will be music from Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, and an absolutely amazing Star Wars mash-up. The vast majority of them will be our first shows. In addition to our orchestra, the State Music Orchestra of Washwa will appear on the same stage, and a singer from Leszno, Emilia Novak, winner of the famous TV show “Got Talent” – will perform – Remijosh Korobka points out.

The concerts are scheduled for 3:30pm and 5:30pm in the CKiR hall. There are last tickets remaining for both. It can be purchased at www.kupbilecik.pl.

1. Added by .Dated – 04/20/2024 09:31
Here you are. Mr. President of Leszno, candidate for the position of Vice-President of Leszno, please compare the activities of the Culture and Leisure Center in Washwa with the activities of the Municipal Cultural Center in Leszno. In Leszno, in all respects, even in comparison with small towns, we are backward in terms of civilization.

2. Added by hazelnutDated – 04/20/2024 at 10:09
My family and I once attended a concert of this orchestra in Leszno. Since then, we have been regularly going to their concerts in Washawa. We recommend that all Leszno residents go to a nearby town at least once in their life and listen to how great they play! We can't wait for tomorrow's party!

3. Added by Ursula Chodak to the Dungeon 2Dated – 04/20/2024 at 12:37
I think you're talking about last year's carnival party at MOK. She was indeed, like all of them, beautiful. But we must bear witness to the fact – the stars of Leszno, especially the last cancan, played a big role in this. I'm also looking forward to tomorrow's concert.

4. Added by ThDated – 04/20/2024 at 12:41
In 2019, the amateur theater came in the wind from the Culture and Leisure Center in Washwa to Leszno, to the Municipal Cultural Center, with an exceptional performance. Performance titled Welcome to the Wonderful World. The director is Grzegorz Dolaciński, the stage keeper in Wschowa. Art by this group, about the condition of modern man. It made me sad, made me laugh, and kept me glued to my seat. An unforgettable scene. More of this theater in Leszno.

5. Added by SinDated – 04/20/2024 at 14:24
When will the Leszno Orchestra play a decent concert? Mr. Mezgalski was very pleased with the new conductor, and since then the orchestra has not performed anything interesting. Will they perform any new songs during Leszno Days or will the same marches be played again? The Wschowa Orchestra announced it would give the first performances, and Leszno had been playing the same thing for 20 years. Shame.


6. Added by prvDated – 04/20/2024 at 14:32
After all, Wschowa has its specialties. Who wants Leszno to be permanently included in the cultural heritage of Wschwa? Or, on the contrary, is anyone in Leszno interested in using Lushwa's cultural heritage? Why? Can't we have our own cultural heritage in Leszno? Senior Leszno ate, among other things, this particular orchestra from Wschowa? YT, France, Dax Festival? Who was going there and with whom? The most important members of the brass band in Leszno. Where is the Leszno Majorettes Brass Band located?

7. Added by Ursula ChodakDated – 04/20/2024 at 15:03
If you like our place so much, please come today at 16.00 to CKiR – something will happen too. Musical families will perform, and admission is free! Details in Zw.pl

8. Added by (…)Dated – 04/20/2024 at 15:35
It's a shame that the Wschowa Youth Brass Band plays a piece of music twice as good as the State Secondary Music School Orchestra. Second degree…
where is that (…;) You didn't do well in your last jubilee and it wasn't helping. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's concert. Mr. Romuald Konopko, you are the future of the orchestra. (…;)

9. Added by xyzDated – 04/20/2024 at 17:38
A concert by the Maistoso Orchestra, the Musical Brothers in Wschowa (CKiR Wschowa), an amateur tennis tournament in Gostin (User Gostin, 13+ and adults) and in Leszno nothing, simply nothing. It is necessary to review the management of all cultural units in the city of Leszno and MOSiR. How long will this Leszno recession last?

10. Added by xzxDated – 04/20/2024 at 20:30
There is nothing in Leszno. In Trapeze, there was a large garden and agricultural exhibition for the second day, today in Leszno basketball players advanced to the first league. There were performances in the theater, concerts in clubs yesterday, bad mood!

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