Spider-Man: Lotus Premiere.  The controversial Spider-Man movie debuted.  Spider-Man: Lotus is an amazing two hour movie.  marvel.

The Spider-Man: Lotus fan movie, which has been in the making for two years, has finally appeared on YouTube. The two-hour film tells the story of Peter Parker, who is tormented by guilt after the death of his beloved girlfriend. The boy wonders if he will abandon his alter ego and start a normal life. When a terminally ill child asks him to meet him, Peter must reconsider his role as the neighborhood’s friendliest superhero.

Spider-Man: Lotus – The controversy hasn’t stopped the fan movie

Spider-Man: Lotus was funded by fans through a fundraiser. The film faced significant controversy and it was not known if the project would ever be completed. He revealed on Twitter that the film’s creator and lead actor Warden Wayne had made racist comments in private messages in the past. Wayne eventually apologized for his behavior.

The controversy fueled interest in the film further, and within just 12 hours of its release, the film had nearly 700,000 views. Viewers in the comments praise the fan movie with Spider-Man. Some have called Spider-Man: Lotus the best movie they have ever seen.

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